Mass Effect 4 on PC "looking great", assures Bioware developer

From "We'd sort of been assuming that Mass Effect 4 would be available on PC, given the history of the franchise, but it's nice to have some confirmation directly from Bioware.

The game's creative director Mac Walters assured fans on Twitter earlier this month that he's been reviewing the PC version of the game and it's "looking great"."

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WitWolfy1147d ago

*face palm*

"Next Mass Effect game is sure to make your jaws drop" says developer

See I can do it too!

life281147d ago

Every AAA game have sh*tty PR superlatives...some are even funny.

mikeslemonade1147d ago

The gamers don't want another Mass Effect.

NecotheSergal1147d ago

@mikeslemonade - Speak for yourself. You clearly don't speak on behalf of gamers.

lelo2play1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

"Mass Effect 4 on PC "looking great", assures Bioware developer"

I hope it has less bugs then their previous game. Dragon Age Inquisition was infested with bugs.

kraenk121147d ago

Please don't make it huge, beautiful but boring like you did with Dragon Age Inquisition.

Saijahn1147d ago

I'm on the opposite side, DAI had too many repetitive quests but I'm still enjoying the game. If ME4 is current-gen only I want the same kind of vast universe. Something to really sink my teeth into to get the full scope of what's suppose to be happening with the new series.

kraenk121147d ago

I'm all for a huge world..They simply shouldn't forget to fill it with interesting stories and characters like they did with DAI imho. It's not a bad game, far from it...but so much worse in terms of storytelling and meaningful quests and conversations than Origins. I hope EA gives them the time to finish the job this time.

life281147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

Pointless article. Every game looks better on PC.

methegreatone1147d ago

These articles are almost as bad as the job listing articles. A job listing says "we want an art director who can produce state of the art... AAA quality... take graphics fidelity to new levels"

Article will be something like - 'Next Mass Effect game to look incredible, will push character fidelity to new levels'

Apollosupreme1147d ago

I wold prefer if it weren't a button mashing affair like Dragon Age Inquisition. Skyrim with guns and hot alien chicks would be cool, just saying.

--bienio--1147d ago

Pc version then port to consoles !!

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The story is too old to be commented.