Microsoft Will Reveal a Remodeled Xbox One Soon

Microsoft has done everything possible to win back gamers after their abysmal launch, what's left is a redesigning of the bulky console.

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Foehammer1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

Funny that one of the biggest launches in history is considered abysmal?

1,000,000 consoles in 24 is now abysmal, who knew?

I also have to laugh at the statement about a redesign normally happening after 4 or 5 years? Seems to me that most consoles generations only last 5 years, with the last generation being the exception.

Still, it's always exciting to see a redesign.

Septic1147d ago

I agree. The launch wasn't abysmal. The reveal was for sure.

Yes I need a remodeled Xbox One. The current one looks so fugly to me.

XB1_PS41147d ago

I never understood why people think it's ugly. Everyone complains when something looks too "Gamer", then when something sleek comes out everyone complains it looks like a VHS player. I for one, have never seen a VHS player that looks as nice. Looks good in the entertainment center with the Xbox logo lit up.

To each their own though. Aesthetics are strictly opinion.

Septic1147d ago

By far the biggest problem for me is the size of the bleedin thing. Its massive.

When I used to take it to my mates house I thought I could skip legs day at the gym because the thing is just bulky and just blegh. The PS4 may resemble a door stop but its design still impresses me mostly due to the size of the machine.

Griever1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

I agree that the launch was not abysmal in anyway. The Xbox One sales have been quite good and healthy when compared to any of the past console launches. It is just that the PS4 is selling so good that it makes the XBox One sales look bad. Just like the Wii made PS3 and Xbox 360 sales look bad or the DS made the PSP sales look bad. It is just a matter of perception. The problem is that MS are further enforcing that perception with price cuts, free games and bundles by making it look like they are desperate and need to improve sales.

XB1_PS41147d ago

Oh yeah, there's no debate there. The thing is gargantuan.

Software_Lover1147d ago

Looks fine IMHO. I don't see what the big deal is about it's design.

I personally just want a smaller discless version.

Automatic791147d ago

The console size has not been an issue for me but if gamers want a sleeker version give it to them MS.

mikeslemonade1147d ago

Well the X1 at launch had a large supply. Many consoles in history didn't meet the demand on day 1 while on day 1 i can walk to the store and buy the X1.

X1 is a sleek looking system so I don't care about a redesign.

uth111147d ago

It's not fugly, it's just not very sexy.

kraenk121147d ago


You are quite optimistic calling THAT design sleak.

Aceman181147d ago

Personally I want a redesign to a more smaller sexy form factor, the system for me is too big and ugly looking to put in my tv stand.

Microsoft if ur listening make it happen because I'm not buying it until there's a new model.

JeffGUNZ1147d ago

I love the way it looks, never really understood the VHS comment. I wish I had a VHS back in the day that looked as good as the Xbox one. I am off cable tv, so the Xbox one is the main HUB in my house. It looks like it belongs there. The whole idea of it was to be the focal point, to replace where your cable box would be.

Off topic, cutting cable has been the best move I have made. The last 2 years have saved me a lot of money (even though I can easily afford it, I felt it was off priced for the handful of channels I watch. I live off netflix and Hulu, and stream the New york Rangers through NHL Gamecenter and the Buffalo Bills through the NFL. It's fantastic.

Macdaddy711147d ago

The ps4 n X1 takes up the same space!!! Front to back ps4 is 11/4" longer x is 1" wider n higher!!!! So someone says they don't buy x1 cause of space is crap??? I'm setting here looking at my X1 n ps4, yeah the X1 little taller!!!! But all the ps4 is a sq box leaned back a front buttons are a pain, usb in the front...then look at x1 Xbox logo cd drive, usb on the Side!!! Looking at the two side by side...the X1 look way more cooler then the ps4...

XB1_PS41147d ago

@kraenk12 No I'm not. It is sleek. Actually, by definition.

xDHAV0K24x1147d ago

I think they ALL look fugly

UnHoly_One1147d ago

I still don't understand why everyone is so worried about the looks of it or the size.

I can only assume that the difference in opinion varies wildly with the age of the gamer.

I think kids want some space-age looking thing in their room to show off, whereas somebody older like myself just wants a black box under their TV that doesn't stand out, and just does it's job.

r1sh121147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

i got the xbone is white. looks much better than in black.

I think they wanted some sort of simple design, but its too simple.

Tzuno1147d ago

There you have it, it does the same thing as the previous one plus it makes you spend again, isn't that wonderful.

PeaSFor1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

the XB1 launch wasnt "abysmal", the only problem was that it launched in the same period than the PS4 unlike last gen where Microsoft had a full year advantage with their sale in a hungry market against NO COMPETITION.

anyway, a redesigned xb1 would be great, because right now its pretty butt ugly and way too bulky.

Dude4201147d ago

I agree, it's not the best looking thing. On the bright side, better we have that than another RROD fiasco.

BlackTar1871146d ago

@XB1_ PS4

then when something sleek comes out everyone complains it looks like a VHS player.

^^ lol sorry but those 2 comments don't really go together. VCR players aren't sleek

XB1_PS41146d ago

@BlackTar187 Yeah, I know. It's baffling to me as well. What kind of VHS player looks like that?

Timbo811146d ago

Completely agree w/ XB1_PS4 - what is everyones issue with the design of the Xbox One? It's modern/industrial - if not rather large. Surprises me that people are so harsh on it - though less so with fanboy-ism running so rampant these days. I'm fortunate enough own both a PS4 and an Xbone - and think they are both great. To my original point though, I actually think the Xbone is the better looking hardware IMO.

UnHoly_One1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

People seem to forget that part of the reason for the large size and the boxy and "open" design is because the console is designed to be on far more than the 360 was.

It's meant to be on basically all the time with the TV functionality and everything else...

And that's how mine is. If I'm home, and not sleeping, it is on. Whether I'm playing games or not, my XB1 is on a minimum of 6 hours even on a weeknight.

It comes on the instant I walk in and say "Xbox on" as I pass by on the way to the bedroom to change, and it doesn't go off until I go to bed.

They didn't want to risk anything with overheating because they expected people to use it this way.

I have a buddy that works opposing schedules with his wife sometimes and while they are doing that his is basically just on 24 hours a day.

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shysun1147d ago

It is early for a redesign but it needs it badly.

Khajiit861147d ago

That thing needed a redesign before it was released. I am sure I can come up with a better design than the traditional design for VCR/Satellite receivers.

Crimzon1147d ago

I'm pretty sure console lifecycles have been increasing consistently with every console generation? It seems that way, at least. PS2/XB/GC lasted longer than PSX/N64 era. PS3/360/Wii lasted longer than the one before it as well. Seems reasonable that PS4 and XB1 will last even longer, but who knows? I suppose it could be the same length or shorter perhaps, it's hard to say.

As for a remodeled Xbox One, I'd be pretty tempted to pick one up if they offered a model with backwards compatibility (real b/c with disc support, not streaming). I know that only adds to the cost of the console, but I see no harm in offering a more expensive "premium" version of the XB1 with backwards compatibility? I think that would be a tempting purchase for a lot of people.

Jdoki1147d ago

Yeah, not sure where 'abysmal' comes from. It is selling better than the 360 did at the same point.

Just because it's getting crushed by the PS4 doesn't mean it's launch was 'abysmal'. Sure, the TV focused reveal, and the always-on announcement were terrible though.

I have grown to tolerate the blocky look of the original, but as it sits tucked away under my TV it's no big deal. A redesign would be welcome.

iSuperSaiyanGod1147d ago ShowReplies(8)
JMyers1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

You do know that 1 million in 24 hours includes the months and months of preorders right? That its not physically 1 million people at stores lining up to buy it on that day? Same for the PS4.

A redesign because the console is way to large, slow and cumbersome... its not appealing to many outside the US. This redesign is what the XB1 should have been at launch. I guess you want a new console every 5 yrs.

lelo2play1147d ago

I'm waiting for a 300€ slim Xbox One.

Maybe at E3 2015 ?

Saijahn1147d ago

I actually like the current design. It's really not a big deal to me. Both are boxes, one is just on a slant and more compact. If the redesign comes with a better chipset though that's what I'd be interested in.

OldDude1147d ago

I have no desire for a re-design, especially at this point. It matches everything in my rack nicely and due to its size, and the power supply not being in the case the thing runs nice and cool. Other consoles don't match anything with their curves or angles, I prefer something like this. So if they redesign it I hope the keep it boxish, just maybe smaller. I wont feel the need to buy a new one simply because of a re-design.

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kstap331147d ago

Its a box that sits under the TV. How it looks is the least important aspect of the device.

nitus101147d ago

The box may be sitting under the HDTV but what about the power brick? Everyone appears to be forgetting about the power brick.

When you compare sizes you have to take everything into account. Before anyone replies that the brick does not matter since it is hidden, well it actually does matter since you have to allow for cooling it as well.

TheCommentator1146d ago

The XB1 runs way cooler with all that extra space in the console from using an external power supply. As for the brick, what does the back of your entertainment center look like? On the floor right beside the 360 brick works fine for me.


To me external is better. If an XB1 power supply fails I can buy a new one so there's no need to send out for repairs. I feel the same about rechargeable AA's vs proprietary batteries in the controller. A 4 pack and a charger cost me the same price as a usb cable and I'm always cord free.

dantesparda1146d ago


I swear you fanboys just love to spew untruths and misinformation and are badly misinformed yourselves.

"The XB1 runs way cooler with all that extra space in the console from using an external power supply."

Really? Cuz I hate to break it to you but the PS4 runs cooler than the X1 at 45 degrees Celsius vs 49 degrees for the X1.

And the PS4 also uses less electricity in standby mode than the PS4.

And you really rather have a huge power brick sticking out of it and have to buy triple A batteries than have it built in and have a rechargeable battery? Really? Wow, just wow!

Some of you guys can be pretty ridiculous.

TheCommentator1146d ago


Where did I mention PS4 when talking about the internal temperature of XB1? I said the console ran cooler than if the brick were inside.

I mentioned other benefits as well. I had to replace the brick on my 360 after a power surge but my BluRay player, which also fried, had to be sent in for repairs. I got another supply at Gamestop that day and my BluRay player took 3 weeks to come back. The same is true of a controller with an integrated battery that fails since you have to send in for repairs. Rechargeable AA's are also far more convenient for me because I'm always going to have my system(I've still got my Atari 5200) and I'll always be wireless. When Sony stops making batteries your only option is wired. None of this makes me a fanboy either.

Only fanboys like you would be outraged by my post, and it's you who sound ridiculous.

hello121147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

Its a opinion piece not fact and you don't need a new model of console to watch 4k videos on x box 1 even PS4

The x box 1 is big for a reason and its because of dx12. The x box 1 will be generating more heat when games start using the dx12 api.

Games are going to be more complex on screen requiring extra cooling. Sony will be in trouble they opted for a small fan, the smaller design people think its great now wait a couple of years people will be complaining.

The x box 1 is designed to change over time think 17 updates since launch 2 for Sony and every public update for Sony has caused issues. The console is getting on fine now because the devs have not started next gen gaming yet.

Fishy Fingers1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

Ahhhh cooling would of been adequate for when the system is running at 100% load. Changing the the API or any software won't effect the system temp and in the rare case your console does overheat (likely you've let it get to dusty internally) they have auto shut down.

Dx12 isn't overclocking the existing hardware. If anything it'll make the system more efficient and there for cooler.

kraenk121147d ago

Don't confuse the desperate fanboys with facts, mate.

Outthink_The_Room1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

@Fishy Fingers

Actually that's incorrect.

Since you will be using more cores consistently, temps rise. If you were to run a game that was designed with DX11, then ported to DX12, your statement holds true.

Tablets and phones will use almost 50% less power when running a game now. But again, that's because it's taking old code and porting it up, so it's not being pushed at all.

We've already seen what DX11 code can look like with DX12 doing it's bundling and sorting. What we haven't seen though, is how much you can run at full load when it's built from the ground up for DX12.

Using a DX11 game means you are limiting what you actually render. The fear of bottlenecking the first core means you run SIGNIFICANTLY LESS operations and draw calls in general.

Simply giving those fewer draw calls and operational tasks to DX12 will not push the system at all. But DX12 built from the ground up? Everything is getting pushed.

If you want to see what your PC sounds like at full load, get After Effects or a very CPU centric software and run everything at 100%. You'll see your fans kick in super fast.

kurruptor1147d ago


Stop thinking that the DX12 on PC will be the same on X1.

X1 is already capable of a lot of the things X1 brings to PC.

Outthink_The_Room1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )


The XB1 will see a bigger efficiency gain than PC at first. There is no DX12 built product in the world...aside from the XB1.

When Fully DX12 Supported GPUs hit the market, then PC will see bigger gains (percentage wise) compared to the XB1.

Full DX12 is hardware level features. That is quoted in multiple documents for you to see. So again, the gains regarding percentages seen first, will be on XB1 compared to PC.

And before you respond, understand what gains are. They are not raw numbers. They are percentages. In other words, peak numbers of draw calls will obviously favor something that is 8 cores, hyper threaded, clocked at 4 GHz.

So the efficiency gain in regards to percentages, will be higher for the XB1. The raw theoretical number will favor PC.

When newer hardware arrives that's built for DX12 at a hardware feature level, PCs will HANDILY OUTPERFORM the XB1. But again, that's not coming til next year when Fiji arrives from AMD.

Gains in regards to percentages are different than raw numbers.

kurruptor1147d ago Show
Outthink_The_Room1146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )


Guessing? Name a single device in the world that has FULL DX12 SUPPORT as of right now. Here's a hint, it's a console.

Secondly, NOTHING from DX12 is in the XB1 already. No multi-threading using all cores. No bundling. No tier 2 or tier 3 binding.

That's a chart simply for resource binding the current level GPUs. DX11 doesn't even touch Tier 1 since bundling calls is a DX12 feature.


That second link is a PDF for binding. On page 13, you can see how DX11 works. On Page 14, you see how DX12 does it.

Lastly, Async Compute and Async DMA have HARDWARE features that alleviate bottlenecks on the GPU side.

So again, no GPU or any hardware for that matter is built for Tier 3 features yet. The only product in the world that will be given these resources is the XB1, until next year when Fiji is released.

Before you try and label someone a fanboy, you might want to do research. It's amazing how you quote Phil Spencer......but don't want to quote Phil Spencer. He stated the XB1 will be given FULL DX12 SUPPORT. That means Tier 3 features, which are hardware.

You brought up Phil in this discussion, not me. I am simply showing you the TECHNICAL reasoning behind DX12. Maybe you should learn more before you post. Funny how the people with the highest post counts are the least technical minded ones. Funny huh?

TheCommentator1146d ago


So true. When DX12 launches, games running DX12 won't be running Full DX12 either. Devs have to design their games to use the hardware which will take time. That's why I believe Phil is managing expectations at launch.

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uth111147d ago

Just imagine these consoles had the specs the PC advocates claim they should have. They'd be even bigger and bulkier to accommodate all those fans

DarXyde1147d ago

Haven't had a single hiccup with my updates on any platform this generation, and I have a launch PS4.

You're describing an atypical scenario from a vocal minority.

slutface1147d ago

MS is doing everything to become competitive yet Sony hasn't even budged for a single official price drop lol.

JeffGUNZ1147d ago

I don't expect Sony to drop when they launched at $100 lower. MS Priced it wrong and now they are trying to bring it at a competitive pricepoint. From where MS was at launch day to where MS is now, thanks a lot to Phil Spencer, it's been a great improvement.

MasterCornholio1147d ago

Since the console is so massive I can easily Microsoft making a slim version of it. As for the PS4 the system is already extremely slim so I can't imagine Sony ever coming put with a slim version of it. The most that they will do is improve the internals nothing more.

I dont expect an XB1 redesign to be announced anytime soon. Maybe at E3 2016 but that's the earliest that they would announce a device like that. The most likely upgrade would probably be the size of the HDD. Kind of like what they did with the COD XB1 but with the regular models instead.