The Witcher 3 Game Designer On Witcher 1&2 Ports, Xbox One Performance, PS4 Quality and DX12

With the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt releasing in less than 2 months a lot of fans are getting more and more excited. Over the year there have been a lot of questions regarding the performance of the game on both the Xbox One and PS4.

On Twitter Game designer Damien Monnier has spoken out regarding the performance on the Xbox One, PS4 compared to PC and also had something to say about DX12 optimization.

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DarkOcelet872d ago

PS4 equivalent to high settings on PC is actually pretty good considering how massive this game is.

BartMoons872d ago

Indeed it is, he does state that he could be wrong though :) Give me those Witcher 1 & 2 Ports - The Witcher 3 collection even

DarkOcelet872d ago

Witcher 1 and 2 are amazing yeah, hopefully they can port them asap after The Witcher 3.

starchild872d ago

Wait, people were making a huge deal about PC gamers (only a tiny minority of PC gamers actually) "begging" for Bloodborne, but I constantly see Playstation gamers "begging" for The Witcher and The Witcher 2 to come to the PS4.

Just to be clear, I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting good games to come to the platform you own or prefer. I just find the double standards on this site a little disconcerting at times.

Borma872d ago

@starchild What made you bring that point up about PS gamer's begging for Witcher ports? Neither of the above posters mentioned bringing ports over to the PS4 specifically. For all we know they could have meant Xbox One.

MysticStrummer872d ago

@starchild - Two different groups of people simply saying what they think isn't a double standard.

kraenk12872d ago

I doubt there is a chance. Maybe for TW2 but The Witcher's unique control scheme and interface is hardly portable to consoles. It's a PC game through and through.

BTW after such a massive 200 hour game such a comparable tiny game like TW2 won't live up to expectations.

starchild871d ago


For one thing the Witcher 2 already released on the 360 so Xbox gamers already had a chance to play that game. Secondly, most of the time I see someone "begging" for the first two Witcher games it's usually Sony fans.


I knew somebody was going to try and use that excuse.

The hypocrisy I am talking about belongs to each and every person on this site who heaped abuse on PC gamers for the fact that some few PC gamers signed a silly petition to ask for Bloodborne to come to the PC.

If you didn't take part in those articles or say those things against PC gamers then, no, you personally are not guilty of hypocrisy in this instance. But hundreds of frequent posters did take part in those comments and THEY most certainly are hypocrites. Anybody that has spent time on any game site would know that asking for games to come to a preferred platform is not in any way exclusive to PC gamers.

Bathyj871d ago (Edited 871d ago )

Well I don't think I abused any PC gamers so I guess I'm not a hypocrite (in this case) but my take is those games (The Witcher) were made by 3rd party devs who are bringing the latest game to PS4 and xbox a well as pc, and remasters are all the rage, so asking or "begging" whatever the case may be for a current gen version is not a terrible thing, especially considering PlayStation gamers might have missed it on them last gen and want to get the back story.

In the case of Bloodborne, it's co-developed by Sony, published by Sony, and owned by Sony. I believe that's what they call a 2nd party game, but i could be wrong. Point is, it's not going anywhere Sony doesn't want it to, and currently Sony wants to sell PS4s which I think is understandable and reasonable.

Finally, did you actually read some of the comments on the petition? I don't think it was that upsetting that they signed it, but some of the comments were down right nasty. Blaming Sony for buying the game so others couldn't play it, (that's not what happened) calling From Software sellouts (again, do people even know how Demon Souls first got made?)

It was pretty ugly and if some of those guys got called out by people in here for acting like children then I'm sorry but I feel no sympathy. Especially when they don't seem to know how this game got made in the first place, and Demon Souls was exactly the same. From is basically a hired gun. They were hired to do a job and they did it admirably. Should they get crap from PC gamers and should Sony for making the game happen just because they don't have PS4s?

reaperofsouls871d ago (Edited 871d ago )


Blood bourne was funded and published by Sony however the witcher 3 wasn't funded by Nvidia, Intel,AMD,Gigabite,Asus, CoolMaster or any PC/component producing company therefore it is reasonable to expect witcher 3 to be availble on xbox1/ps4

pivotplease871d ago


Wow. The situations aren't even slightly comparable.

uth11871d ago

The Bloodborne petition was begging for an exclusive that was obviously never going to be ported.

But I think the real difference is they weren't simply asking, they were accusing From of 'betraying' PC gamers, which is kinda arrogant imo.

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GenuineGamer872d ago (Edited 872d ago )

So PS4 and XBO are the same graphically apart from a slight resolution difference. Good to know. I wonder if XBO will reach 1080p by launch day or if they will patch it in later. I suspect any dx12 support patches after launch for this game will be PC only.

BartMoons872d ago

Perhaps Microsoft steps in once more to get bump the res to 1080p just like they did last year with Diablo 3 The Ultimate Evil Edition.

GenuineGamer872d ago (Edited 872d ago )


That would be cool :) I suspect they are having issues with xbo version resolution due to limitations with dx11 and the not so good eSRAM api currently in use. Its a shame dx12 and the new eSRAM api is coming too late for this game but from what i have seen its going to be an amazing game and looks great either way whether its 900p or 1080p.

Edit @ Slasaru01 what are you talking about?? Links?? I haven't head that at all and from what Damien Monnier just tweeted he said ps4 and xbo versions are the same apart from resolution.

The latest footage was xbo feed and it looked great.

slasaru01872d ago (Edited 872d ago )

This is not that scale dev, they just don't have resources to optimize with DX12. So it will be the same, no patches.

And there are journalists impressions saying that Xbox one looks severely downgraded, that is, no AA and no effects. So even resolutions bump would not help unless the game created on DX12 from the scratch

SolidStateSnake872d ago

Not only XBO, I think this game has been downgraded in general after watching the latest gameplay video.

872d ago
kraenk12871d ago (Edited 871d ago )


If there is one developer who is known for constantly and continuously updating their games it's CD Project RED. Everything is possible with these guys!

endi123871d ago

Well as an xbox gamer am pretty happy with 900p, better this then lowering the quality to achieve 1080p, the game looks great I can't wait

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HeavenlySnipes872d ago

That depends though

I'd prefer it be scaled back if it means the framerate never nosedives below 30.

Ravenheartzero871d ago


Got a link to the petition of console gamers asking for the ports or can you just tell me how many people have signed it?

Vegamyster871d ago

It will be interesting to see if the framerate holds up.

DarkOcelet871d ago

CD projeckt knows how to optimize their game to run very well so i am pretty sure the framerate will be rock solid. But lets wait and see.


Thats good! I wonder if the X1 version has the same settings as well? He states that the resolution is the difference really, so I wonder if we will get the same as PS4 settings but at 900p instead of 1080p? I know most multiplats with a lower resolution on X1 vs PS4 usually have the same graphical effects.

DarkOcelet871d ago

Maybe a couple more vegetation on PS4 and slight texture increase but who knows really. All i care about is that we get to play it.

BallsEye871d ago (Edited 871d ago )

I game mostly on consoles but gonna go with my pc for this one. I just cant resist witcher universe in 60 fps.

showtimefolks871d ago

i really hope we see witcher 1-2 on ps4 and xbox one soon. That would be so awesome

Just like having Uncharted trilogy out before next uncharted comes out, why? because so many xbox fans switched to ps4 so this will give them a chance to catch up with the story and universe

another is gears of war trilogy before next gears of war comes out

TheVigilanteCode871d ago (Edited 871d ago )


Here's the PC petition portbegging for Bloodborne.

1. A fraction less than 35000 signatures so far and thats just the petition ALONE. There are MILLIONS of PC gamers without a PS4 who are begging for this hot exclusive everywhere on the internet, but you'll pretend to be oblivious about it, of course. is not the endgame for pc gamers portbegging, THAT is (by your words) "a tiny minority" of the PC portbeggers found on the internet.

The first few lines of that petition -

"Everyone should be able to play your game. It is not fair that we are left out. You have betrayed us after releasing your last two games on PC."

2. This is the disingenuous mentality of ALL pc gamers begging for Bloodborne or ANY exclusive for that matter from any of the big 3 console manufacturers. Being disingenuous about the product and pretending someone else owns it. The "You have betrayed us after releasing YOUR last two games on PC." See what these disillusioned kids did there ? The last two games on pc by From Software are Dark Souls and Dark Souls II. Why not ask for Demon's Souls ? No ? That was by From as well. The difference here is the "YOUR GAME" must be pointed to Sony Computer Entertainment, as THEY OWN BLOODBORNE, same as Demon's Souls (all of you should be thankful to SONY for kickstarting the Souls games for starters), Mario Kart, Zelda, Halo, Gears, Forza and the list goes on. You shouldn't be begging to From Software, you should be begging to SONY, who owns Bloodborne, though it won't happen in a million years because SONY and NINTENDO are not MSFT to release their IP's on pc to promote an OS like Win10, like they did with Halo 2 Vista. SONY/Nintendo don't give the tiniest shit about pc gaming.

Another thing to note is that SCE Japan developed the game with some key individuals like Miyazaki and a few others at From Software working on this. Not the entire team. They were working on Dark Souls II. The best bet pc can have would be Dark Souls III which is currently under development. If that ends up exclusive then LMAO. Now you're gonna pretend that you don't know what first party exclusivity means.

3. Coming to The Witcher games now, the IP of The Witcher is owned by CD Projekt Red who are game developers. The money being paid from the consumer for every copy of a game goes directly to them. The Witcher and The Witcher 2 are NOT pc games with an exclusive tag hanging above their heads, it is until the multiplatform game developers, CD Projekt Red, allows it to be. THEY choose whether to port it to PS4/X1 or not, which they most probably will after The Witcher 3's release. Not the pc gamers (LOL). If PlayStation & Xbox fans demand The Witcher and The WItcher 2 ports, CDPR will do it because they released "THEIR" game sequel and they don't owe anything to pc gamers.

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Toiletsteak872d ago

I would like Witcher 1&2 to come to Xbox one i haven't played them and would like to give them ago.

ironfist92872d ago

I'd love for a Witcher Remaster or Witcher Collection to be available for PS4.

Especially for us Sony gamers who have never experienced the title, but looks very promising.

Holding out for this and a Mass Effect remaster

kingjosh1876871d ago

How about getting a PC instead of begging them to port over PC games? On PC we don't beg them to update or remake old games because we can still play them all fine, anyway the mechanics of the original Witcher would not translate well to a controller.