Xenoblade Chronicles 3DS Review | GES

GES Writes: "Xenoblade Chronicles was first released on the Wii in 2010. It’s a JRPG developed by Monolith Soft and it did very well with critics, receiving an average of 90% on reviews.

With the release of the new Nintendo 3DS, they decide to port Xenoblade Chronicles especially for the new system so you can look at it as a “remastered” version. The biggest change is it being 3D now.

The story of Xenoblade Chronicles stays the same but it is a great story and would intrigue anyone who loves RPGs and especially JRPG fans. The main character is Shulk, he is a scientist/inventor looking into mysteries and helping out his home town as best he can. His new mystery is a sword called Monado which posses great power and only certain people can wield this awesome sword. With help from his friends they go on quests and missions trying to find answers about Monado and at the same time defending their home against a past time enemy thought to be defeated called the Mechon. They are violent robotic creatures which are very powerful so Shulk and friends will need all the help they can get."

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