PlayStation vs Nintendo 64 Was the Last Console War That Mattered

Vice: Have you seen the latest advertising for the PlayStation 4? "The world's most powerful console," it boasts (not for the first time), chest puffed out, pair of socks stuffed brazenly down its trousers. But while this claim may be technically true from a numbers perspective, it's also a little misleading. The Xbox One is hardly a wheezing Citroën 2CV compared to Sony's Hummer, is it? This isn't David and Goliath, or George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley. There isn't, in all honesty, much disparity between the two. You might get to play Battlefield Hardline in 900p on PS4 as opposed to the Xbox's 720, but is this a gulf in output worth losing sleep over? Not unless you're extremely precious about things that don't actually matter, or you're twelve.

This generation's "console war" is built on the untruth that there's a fundamental difference between the Big Two. Bar a few exclusive titles, there isn't. It was the same with the last generation. And the one before that. In fact, the last console war that really mattered – the one in which a choice meant siding with one of two fundamentally different approaches to what a console should be – happened all the way back in the mid-to-late 1990s, in a world of Kappa jackets, TFI Friday and Britpop's inexorable, crusty nosed decline.

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UltraNova1061d ago

Well that was a trip down memory lane...Yes I had to make that choice and I went with the N64 and never looked back. Fortunately we got a ps1 for my best friend at his birthday and I played almost all ps1 greats as well.

Yes that was a real rivalry N64 vs ps1, if you had one only then you missed out dearly. I mean how can you choose between FF7 and Ocarina? Or Goldenye vs RE?

But that closing statement about not being able to play Bloodbore on an xbox is pretty much as close as it gets to really missing out on a truly great one...

bouzebbal1061d ago

but in my case war was more between SEGA and SONY. I have never been a Nintendo gamer back then i was SEGA all the way.
I could see the PS1 supremacy and it was hard to deal with because PS was uncharted waters to me. I wanted sequels to Fighting Vipers, Panzer Dragoon, Sonic 3D Blast and of course Saturn is nothing without the SNK fighters. They played much better on it.
My parents ended up buying me PS1 in 95-96.

mikeslemonade1061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

Due to social media console war actually matters more right now. There was a console war back then but it was only in proximity. At school and the friends would have either system but not both.

I had the N64 and got a used PS1 that died of disc read errors.

Eonjay1061d ago

No it wasn't. The N64 got dominated by the PS1. That wasn't muvh of a battle. Im also unsure of the point here. Is the author saying that the PS4 is winning only because of the power difference?

Concertoine1061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )


The PS1 didnt dominate the n64. It had an almost 2 year lead in Japan and Europe and a one year lead in US. Then it sold about 5 years after the N64 was pulled in 2002. When the consoles were both in their prime, it was a console war for sure. Back then exclusives WERE exclusives, not like 7th gen where everything was multiplat or timed this or that.

Sony won, but the PS2 was the real dominator

I think people give the n64 too much credit for the games, the design of that console is largely the reason Nintendo is struggling today. Great games, very poor design.

darthv721060d ago (Edited 1060d ago )

No console generation is won by the power of the system alone. it is won by the support of the 3rd parties. You look back throughout the history of gaming and the clear winner is the one with the most diverse selection of titles.

Not just exclusives but overall titles to choose from. be it shovelware, AAA, AA, A or just plain casual games... its all about the selection available.

where nintendo started losing its grasp on things was the tail end of the NES. their contractual lockout of 3rd parties making games multiplatform was the beginning. Once those devs got their freedom...they were putting games on genesis, tg16 and snes at alarming rates.

the real exclusives came from 1st and 2nd parties but those paled in comparison to the number of 3rd parties available. And the trend expanded with the PS1, N64 and Saturn. By then it was more about using the CD technology rather than cart. nintendo still had 3rd party support but it wasnt the same as the SNES or the NES prior.

Sega had 3rd party support and the idea that the system was under powered... yeah it may have not been 'as' powerful for 3d but it held its own. Same with the PS1 not being able to handle the slew of arcade ports from the likes of SNK, Capcom and others when it came to more sprite based games or 2D style. Saturn was no slouch but it wasnt the new kid.

Sony was the new kid. and being new creates a sense of curiosity around it. so much so that sony signed any game that wanted to be released. THATS how you win a generation. you show that no game would be turned away no matter how bad or good. And Sony continued that same process with the PS2.

Nintendo and the GC was a better system (spec wise) than the Ps2. Same with the original xbox but it didnt matter as it has been shown time and time before, the most powerful hardware is not 'always' the best answer. It is the selection of software that drives sales.

the old phrase... if you build it, they will come. That applies to having a platform that is meant to cater to all walks of life. No game turned away means no gamer will be turned away either.

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Jason_Plays_PC1061d ago

Ps1 had re 1,2,3 ff7 and Mgs it was ps1 for me all the way.. My parents bought it for me for christmas at launch and i didnt know those games were coming i was only 10 but i got lucky as it was one of the best consoles of all time.

NecotheSergal1061d ago

Our family was totally on board with Nintendo stuff and I remember not really being biased to either, even as a kid and others would go about the only 'cons' and complaints someone 'Pro Nintendo' could say and it just went down with saying how PS1 was slow with loading as hell and Nintendo had weaker visuals or something like that.

I remember when we just had Nintendo and N64 was just so majestic and desirable and we didn't get it til late and the PS1 even later, but my dad got me a PS1 from his pawn shop along with FF7, Asteroids and Crash Bandicoot and I was pretty much hooked on that too. Especially after my friend brought with him Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions and the trailers on that made me discover MGS1 and everyone could imagine how that affected me [/MUST PLAY] So many fond memories, but a lot of it goes back to NES, SNES and N64, everything else after that doesn't really have any nostalgia.

Ocarina of Time and Goldeneye, seeing them in Kiosks at local Walmarts and all that and desperately trying to play them, but staying up late enough til your parents bitch at you to go to sleep, aaahhh, the good days. I'd wish I could get a time machine to re-feel those feels and memories.

jmtstan1061d ago

True. N64's losing battle can only be blamed by Nintendo itself. Had they keep their partnership till the end, Sony won't even think about entering gaming business.

that gen (7th i believe) it was all about Sony head to head CD war with Sega.

Minute Man 7211061d ago

Nope Nintendo lose because they got stubborn the industry was moving to CD and they stuck with cartridge. It's the 3rd console curse everyone has hit that wall

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

I had both. N64 was my choice because local multiplayer with my siblings and friends.

Also less of a hassle with games not working and auto-save.

Oh and load time.

We had FFVIII with our PS1 no MC. My older brother almost beat it without memery but power went off.

So I avoided the PS1 still the PS2 came. To play em.

Mikeyy1060d ago

Wut. Your brother almost beat final fantasy 8. With no memory card?

Phar0ahad31061d ago

i think ps1 takes that one thou because you literally named the 2 n64 games that were huge well also super mario 64 but the PS1 had games that even today nothing can compare

Aceman181061d ago

For me I went from snes to PS1 when I could buy it with my own money from first job. Great memories of the system my little brother at the time had the n64 that our mom bought him.

I only played Mario 64 and Zelda OoT two great games of all time. The GC was the first Nintendo system I bought after snes, it went along aside my PS2 and Xbox played a lot of great games for all 3 systems back in the day.

I kinda wish we could go back to those days lol.

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taijutsu3631061d ago

Nostalgia overdrive!

Oh man I hated the old consoles (had them both) only cz I never had memory cars for my N64, Ps1,Dreamcast etc,. Imagine getting far in 64 Mario or GoldenEye or Resident evil?!?!? And going allllllll the back to beginning next day! But I was a lil noob so it didn't bother me all that much!

Dark_king1061d ago

Mario 64 didn't need a memory card it saved to the cartridge.You had 4 slots to save the game to.Though sadly every N64 game could of but it was a cost most publishers didn't want to have.

themonado1061d ago

Uh...what? Games on Nintendo 64 saved onto the cartidges... The only thing that couldn't save on the cartridge for Mario Kart 64 were the ghost records...

kstap331061d ago

I shifted to PC during this era. Played mostly N64 at friends houses. It was the better system for local multiplayer. Didn't really play much PS1.

t0mmyb0y1061d ago

Haah same. Played the shat out of Mario Kart 64, Golden Eye at friends place. PC'd at home. PS1 looked like garbage compared to N64 graphics too :)

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1061d ago

N64 the MASTER of ALL Local Multiplayer!!

ikarodemon1061d ago

PlayStation vs Nintendo 64 Was the Last Console War That Mattered!

I agree!

My choice was N64 at the time.

MasterCornholio1061d ago

I owned an N64 and I loved it. But ouch the prices of the games though......

cpayne931061d ago

Both consoles did different things better, even in terms of graphics.

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