How to Avoid Being Sh*t at ‘Xenoblade Chronicles’

Vice: For many, the lack of tangible ways of playing Xenoblade have been a constant frustration – the game might be compatible with the current Wii U, but with Amazon's prices reaching beyond £70 it's a rare RPG fan that can afford the experience. But if you own a New 3DS, your luck's in – a port of Xenoblade, plus the requisite "3D" in its title but minus the original Japanese voice acting, is imminent. And you'll be able to get a brand-new copy for significantly less than the Wii version is selling for.

Intrigued? You should be, but no doubt you've questions. Just how good is this game, and how much should you care? Well, I put over 120 hours into the Wii version, so let that be some kind of indication. Secondly, what the hell is the game, anyway? Let me explain.

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