Bloodborne Didn’t Dominate Major Japanese Retailer's Sales This Week, But PlayStation Games Ruled

The major Japanese retailer Tsutaya just released its weekly chart for the week between March 23rd and March 29th. Tsutaya’s charts are related only to the retailer itself, but they’re considered a quite good indicator of how the general Japanese market, due to the number of Tsutaya stores across the country.

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Abash1150d ago

Lots of competition this week, cant wait to see Bloodborne's numbers though. I'm sure they're still high but cant compete with other big series launching on platforms that have been out a lot longer than the PS4

Abriael1150d ago

I'm a bit sad for Disgaea 5. Nippon Ichi really chose a bad week to launch :(

DonkeyDoner1150d ago

lets help em my friend once its release in west day one for me

360ICE1150d ago

I didn't even know it had launched there. Can't find any reviews. Has there been any?

NewMonday1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

Bloodborn at #3 overall but #1 for PS4

incredible that 18 out of the 20 top selling games are all PlayStation

ManOfTheYear11150d ago


Ya really incredible ... considering it's JAPAN!!!

Muzikguy1149d ago

Ever think that Nintendo is Japan too? Such close minded people around here.

Newmonday is right. It is incredible. Good week for Sony!

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NajeeStowers1149d ago

Bloodborne is good but it lacks content.

ftrain1149d ago

Can't tell if you're serious or not. It has a ton of content especially with chalice dungeons and a ton of replay ability.

Letthewookiewin1150d ago

Bloodborne at #3 isn't too bad.

Malice-Flare1150d ago

so the title should be "Bloodborne Didn’t Dominate A Major Japanese Retailer's Sales This Week, But PlayStation Games Ruled", if it's only one retailer. even if it's a good indicator, there's a chance that the actual is different...

GameBoyColor1150d ago

there was no way any game would beat OP and SAO lol. 3rd is amazing considering the amount of PS4 owners vs PS3 and vita owners.

Chevalier1150d ago

Also many stores were actually sold out of Bloodborne as well.

GameBoyColor1150d ago

very good to hear that :D

HentaiMasterRace1150d ago

Bloodborne still did well regardless.

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The story is too old to be commented.