'Halo 5: Guardians' is coming Oct. 27, as revealed in a live-action trailer

Microsoft aired a live-action trailer for "Halo 5: Guardians" during the first commercial break of television's "The Walking Dead," revealing the game's release date for the first time: Oct. 27. The trailer, which will likely soon be published on the Hunt the Truth blog designed to promote the first-person shooter, shows new franchise protagonist Jameson Locke speaking to and about Master Chief, with a gun pointed at the series stalwart's head.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1023d ago

Man the latest audio log is crazy. The trailer was also amazing. Love the way this is turning out. Also Oct 27th! Can't wait.

KiwiViper851023d ago

That's much earlier than expected isn't it? From memory Halo is usually a November release.

So can we expect end of September for Forza6?

QB/TR November/December

Sevir1023d ago

No, they've typically released in September. The MCC released in November. The trailer was pretty dark! can't wait to see what 343i has in-store with tomorrow's reveal.

GearSkiN1023d ago

Nov and Dec are halo releases well now Oct.. Weird.

NuggetsOfGod1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

Between halo 5, tomb raider, possible gears collection, forza 6 plus 3rd paty games like Battlefront 3 & batman seems I am getting an xbox.

Then e3 announcements this year phantom dust, scalebound, probably gears 4 and quantum break next year.

Yup seems xbox got games.

cl19831023d ago

Halo ce was 11-15, Halo 2 was 11-9, Halo 3 9-25. Halo 4 11-6

Now the non master chief games have been ODST on 9-22 and Reach was 9-14, and halo wars was 2-26

So Oct 27 is right in the range.

Intentions1023d ago

lol, if you want a November release then wait ~5 days depending where you are in the world.
Problem sorted.

4Sh0w1023d ago

Come on get up Chief!

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TheRedButterfly1023d ago

If you've read the books, none of this is /really/ new. (The King of the Hill scene was a big part of when Halsey was 'scouting' S2's, and the quick death of the flash-clones within months of their abduction made for an easy coverup story.)

However, I do love how they're tying in everything together. Ellie was the girl in the Starry Night trailer? All this time we (fans) have been speculating that that was Kelly/John after they had been abducted, but I guess that isn't the case. Glad to put that theory to rest.

Oct 27? Wish it was a month earlier to coincide with my B-Day (like Halo 3), but you won't catch me complaining! :D Can't wait!

Shelkm1023d ago

Wow thank you for pointing this out to me!! I completely forgot about that... I had no idea they connected it with the audio file

Automatic791023d ago

Saw this tonight on The Walking Dead commercial. Can't wait for Halo 5. On another note Locke you leave the Chief alone.

Another trailer coming up later.

Bigpappy1023d ago

I predicting the release window yesterday. The easiest prediction I have ever made.

Professor_K1023d ago

Its actualy a 2 way ending holy shet! 343 is making a Master piece GOTY.

Naga1023d ago

I think they're just using artistic license to paint a picture of two sides to the same story.

It's already been confirmed that we'll have two playable characters on opposite sides of the conflict... that's all this is meant to convey.

christocolus1023d ago

That was awesome. Hype levels through the roof. HALO 5.

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PrinceOfAllSaiyans1023d ago

Holy Shit ! What an amazing trailer. That actually got me hyped. Now I will have to buy another Xbox One October 27.

LonDonE1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

Agreed, MIND OFFICIALLY BLOWN!! defo i have now gone bananas!
And was that the release date at the bottom? 27/10/15? lord all mighty i cant wait to smash through the Halo 5 single player.

They really are masters at marketing thier big franchises and movig units.

Its wierd, no matter how much i see people hating on the xbox one, no matter how many blunders ms has made this generation so far, no matter the fact that i always buy every platform every generation and so have lots to play, I JUST LOVE MY XBOX ONE!!! there i said it

Seriously its a great little console, yes it has flaws as does EVERYTHING but regardless i find myself rooting for the underdog!
I have this feeling that Halo 5 will be the first xbox one game which will truly show us how powerful the x1 is!

I swear i spend more time gaming and using the media capabilities of my x1 the most vs my wiiu, ps4 and pc.
Even now its a complete different console to what was launched and being in the preview program makes me realise that this console will be so much better over time, as am sure the ps4 will too.
I think these consoles, the PS4,X1 WiiU are seriously underrated and being underestimated!

With time i think we will see these consoles shine and give us some real gems.

All i can say is with zelda wii u delayed, and uncharted 4 delayed Halo 5 is going to be my big fall game.
Thanks ms for not letting us down!!
Game on my fellow gamers, and remember All platforms are great.

To the stealth disagree, SALTY MUCH?? LMAO

Angainor71023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

My Goodness... I just can't wait..

just a question, i don't see the crack on the right side of his helmet? Any thoughts or did they just forgot to put it?

AutoCad1023d ago

My god..a video game commercial hasn't given me chills since gears of war 1 ..
This game is going to be fawking epic.

spicelicka1023d ago

God damnn me tooo! This trailer surprised the shit out of me, goosebumps everywhere!!!

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Gamer7771023d ago

This story is gonna be dark; love these live action trailers!

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