Are You Still Playing Destiny?

Bungie says it's a 10-year project, but with a failing player-base is it realistic?

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conjurdevil1175d ago

Nope , was good till it lasted. Lack of variety killed the fun.

TheRedButterfly1175d ago

Same here. Haven't picked it up in months. Hell, one of my four raid buddies has already sold his copy despite having purchased the season pass back in September...

Honestly, at this point, the only reason I'll be breaking it out is to get the remaining achievements -- and even that is seeming like it will be more of a chore than anything else. :/

Sucks, cuz I really wanted to love Destiny. But, alas, that was not it's destiny... (I'll show myself out.)

Septic1175d ago

Ah see, if my mates sold the game then I doubt I'd be playing.

I still am playing it though. Its good to dip in here and there.

I did crucible yesterday. Was good for the most part....then this happened in a game full of laggy B.S:

Mikelarry1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

"Sucks, cuz I really wanted to love Destiny. But, alas, that was not it's destiny... (I'll show myself out.)"

you and me both I can remember drooling over the concept art and with glazed goggles of their past achievement I didn't take the time to really see the writing on the wall

1175d ago
Baka-akaB1175d ago

I was done in january ... love it but not satisfied by the content added so far , and well with constant output of games we care about since january , My friends and I moved on .

I have a feeling we'll ony be back for Destiny 2 , if the changes satisfy us

Septic1175d ago


6 people in a raid. Shouldn't take hours.

GameSpawn1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )


"6 people in a raid. Shouldn't take hours."

When NO ONE knows what they're doing and you are wiping time and time and time again, then yes it can take hours. Trust me I've been on the receiving end of that kind of crap-hammer on more than one Strike. People need to learn to communicate as well as listen.

Also, WTF on your Crucible match? I don't know if that was because of lag or if the game glitched to all hell because you launched out of the arena like gravity just went sideways.

If you own Dark Below you can go past level 28 easily with equipment available from the vendors and at least 1 exotic armor piece (Xur if you can't get drops - buy the engrams if you have motes instead of coins; 1/3 chance it will be for your class unless you play all three). I have a 29 Titan, 30 Hunter, and 31 Warlock and the Titan and Hunter took almost no work because they received 33 light Legendary and 35 light Exotic equipment that I received with my Warlock. Without even upgrading that gear my Titan and Hunter reached 28 by just equipping the gear. With a little more ascendant material both will be 31 along with my Warlock (33 light gear starts at 24 un-upgraded and 35 a bit higher than 24 - can't remember the exact amount).

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Aceman181175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

For me I only do nightfall and weekly. After that I don't even bother with the game.

I'll play full-time again when House of Wolves drops then get all my gear and weapons then stop playing full-time again lol.

Lack of variety is the reason why I bought remaster of BL2 for PS4, it's what Destiny should have been.

kparks1175d ago

I used to do the same but i havent touched it in about 5 weeks now. The dark below didnt have nearly enough content to hold me over!

medman1175d ago

I never started playing.

Toon_Link1175d ago

Same here. I definitely got my monies worth with over 300 hours logged but I have no need to go back at this point. For a while I ran relic in raids to keep me interested but after a bit that got stale as well. Hopefully bungie learns from there mistakes mainly to quit being lazy about variety in missions and gear, most peoples biggest gripe is cookie cutter missions and everyone looks the same with same gear @32.

nosferatuzodd1175d ago

I haven't touched the game in months
I have 3characters at 32 have every exotics and legendary in the game you name it I have it gjallerhorn hawkmoon vex nechrochasm everthing no more challenge to be met sorry im back to dc universe an relm reborn oh and bloodborn

Spinal1175d ago

To be honest once they announce raid matchmaking I'll be back in a flash!

sanosukegtr1231175d ago

got a few friends who still plays it. I like it for a while. I just stop playing it and do either dead island , gta 5 or Advance warfare

cell9891175d ago

you only have to visit the official Bungie forums, under recruitment, to know that there are still many people playing it. Everytime I want to join a raid or nightfall, all I have to do is go into the forum and Im gaming minutes later, sometimes people compete for the raid spots. If you refresh the app you can see new posts every minute.

Corpser1175d ago

I got bored after 2 weeks, people are just playing the same few maps this whole time?

joab7771175d ago

Been a few months. Had they gone full mmo, I may have b/c I think it could have been one of the best mmo's ever. Oh well...bloodborne.

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DevilishSix1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Nope stopped after the Hard Crotas End launch. There has been nothing to do in this game for over two months now. It's dead to me now. Have Season Pass but may wait until this rumored Comet expansion hits in the Fall and see if Destiny actually has anything to do at that point. House of Wolves won't be enough to bring me back.

BallsEye1175d ago

Exactly same here and I think House of Wolves won't save it at all. Just 1 raid and few items...I'll get everything there is to get in a week by ver boring and repetitive grinding. Unless they add some stupid enchancement system again where you need 10000 shards to upgrade an item and you'll get maximum of 5 per raid/week.

objdadon1175d ago

Trust me, this game doesn't need "saving ". Millions play every single day and it will continue to be the that way until Destiny 2.

jdiggitty1175d ago

I agree. And even after Comet there's an entire year before a Destiny 2 could come. That would put it on a 2 year dev cycle which isn't good either.

If the Division is anything near what it's looking like, that's probably going to keep my away from Destiny.

Death1175d ago

Gotta admit I haven't played in over a month. I don't mind grinding, but the end result is the exact same for everyone. The game needs variety.

rezzah1175d ago

The only sense of variety is the colours you use for your armor and the ships.

At best you can try to obtain the rarest colours through the factions, but even that is a random (literally) drag. I am 27 levels into Dead Orbit and not one DO colour option, some have had it worse and others have been so lucky as to obtain all 4 colour options by level 13.

Random is not variety, it is the lack achievement.

Mikelarry1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

I still play but not get bored really quickly,(level 32 on two characters) what kept me playing before was ghorn and since getting it all other exotics I didn't even think I wanted have dropped so there is no more carrots to chase.

CorndogBurglar1175d ago

Thats my problem too.

I dont have Gjallahorn but i dont have a real desire to get it either.

Last week i had amazing drops. I got Monte Carlo from a Crucible match and Suros Regime from a Nightall. I have all the other exotics aside from Gjallahorn. I have no reason to keep playing considering i have 2 characters leveled up. I'm jist waiting for the House of Wolves.

Aceman181175d ago

I had three 32s I got so tired of the game I deleted both my Titan and hunter.

rezzah1175d ago

With the new DLC there is still the possibility of having to level up your exotics all over again, or some new "exciting" method that still requires the similar time it would take to level them up normally.

If they allow the levels to remain as is, then they lose the longevity of the DLC. The DLC is suppose to keep players occupied until September for the release of Comet (Destiny 1.5).

Guess what Bungie's secret card for adding artificial length?

My guess is Osiris Trials, the event that gives you the Solar primary I've already begun to forget the weapon types and names.

JeffGUNZ1175d ago

@ Rezzah

Their secret has already been done, they just delayed the content from March to May. This now makes the gap from HoW in May 4 month wait till Comet as opposed to 6 month wait if they released in March. The content is a joke. Where are the single player events? Where is the effort of giving the playerbase something new to do?

Tedakin1175d ago

I was done after 2-3 weeks. I do still see a few on my friend's list on. Not sure what they could be possibly be doing at this point.