Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End out April 22, 2016 according to GameStop

After the unexpexted delay, it’s maybe too early to learn Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End new release date, but looks like GameStop Italy knows something more.

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Rimeskeem1088d ago

I was expecting more of a March release

Jaqen_Hghar1088d ago

eh. One month isn't a very big difference. At least on PS4 you know there won't be any droughts (a man only fit the Order in between all the Plus goodies) so it'll go by fast

Rimeskeem1088d ago

True true

I also have an Xbox one so I will be set for Halo and Gears and other stuff

mikeslemonade1088d ago

Not too late.. to reskin the game to TLoU2. Then it can be game of the year 2016.

WelkinCole1088d ago

Man I was hoping Feb-March.

64commando1088d ago

Wow, that would be over a year from now... UC4 went from releasing 6 months from now to 13 months... That sucks

Ultr1088d ago

Except it never had a release in 6months :P it was always just 2015. Nothing more so it's just 4 months late :)

MasterCornholio1088d ago

Well they did say it would release towards the end of the year so the delay isn't as bad as it seems.

showtimefolks1088d ago

i am not expecting Uncharted 4 anytime before closer to fall 2016. You know this is ND and this is most likely their final UC game so they will want this one to be the best one

and i personally don't mind waiting because i know the history of what ND develops

NeverHeavyMan1081d ago

Not only do I doubt a Fall release, I also doubt it is their last Uncharted game. In fact, they haven't even suggested such, so no reason to expect it.

OT: This is likely a place holder, but I'm thinking anywhere between Mar and pre-E3 2016.

sprinterboy1088d ago

It's a place marker like all game shops do, when will journalists understand this.

kneon1087d ago

Place holder dates are usually end of a quarter, not middle of a month.

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