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A full written review of Capcom's Episodic Resident Evil Revelations 2.

Just like the previous episode Contemplation is split into two parts one where you play as Claire and Moira the other as Barry and Natalia. Claires story is set in the past with you trying to figure out what has happened, why you are on this island and to find out who is responsible. Barry who is in present day is trying to find Moira and rescue her several months after Claire's events.

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Monstar1209d ago

what are these people smoking? Revelations 2 is beyond generic and horrid in terms of .... well everything. The shitty enemy designs, shitty gun play..lack of good story....level designs....Alex wesker? LOL...nothing is freaky/scary or even promotes any good atmosphere. RE5 is leagues better than this trash and that game sucks. How do you go from RE4 to this? hell even revelations 1 was better...crapcom don't give a shit. cash in that name yo!

gantarat1209d ago

Are you Serious ?
i mean you can't want too much from low budget game.

Maxor1209d ago

The fact it's a low budget game is the problem. The days where the Resident Evil franchise can be considered as AAA are long gone. Right now Capcom is all about milking every penny that can be had from this franchise in any shape and form.

gantarat1209d ago

Pretty Sure Only Main Number Series is AAA not Sub Series like Revelations/Outbreak/Chronicle .