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Full review of Episode two of Square Enix's episodic graphic adventure game Life is Strange.
Episode 2 Out of Time is an emotional roller-coaster at times, this time round the story focuses on a very mature plot that would fit in well with a lot of heavy TV dramas. The plot has really stepped up a gear this time around and had me caring about the characters, particularly Kate who has a huge part to play this time round.

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WizzroSupreme932d ago

Life is Strange is really, really running out of time to hold my attention. Its plotting is just so flimsy at this point that things are beginning to fall apart. Hopefully the third act does it justice like most midway points do.

Aloren932d ago

Chances are that if you didn't like it so far you won't like it at all.

kraenk12932d ago (Edited 932d ago )

I love how the game plays with the characters and expectations and especially how your choices really do have severe consequences . The art direction and soundtrack is amazing. Seems that game just isn't for you.