The 10 Hardest Trophies On PlayStation 4

Do you consider yourself a trophy hunter on the Playstation 4? If you’re looking for a challenge and want some exclusive trophies that the regular masses might not be able to achieve, why not aim for one of these ten? Ranging from the frustrating to the near impossible, having one of these trophies in your collection is the mark of a gamer with far more patience and tenacity than the rest of us.

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CaptainObvious8781083d ago

The article forgot a lot of retarded online trophies. Secret ponchos comes to mind where you need to get 10 consecutive wins online. What a joke.

admiralvic1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

"The article forgot a lot of retarded online trophies. "

Can you really say that when everything is based off perspective?

Flawless raider isn't that hard and most groups use to fail at the jumping puzzle or the Gorgon's maze, not the actual fights. It also got easier with Crota's End, with some people soloing it. Though you can certainly make a case for it being a pain in the ***.

You can abuse save states (clear a room, back out, upload save, try next room, repeat if successful or download if unsuccessful) and beat most, if not all, the challenges in Isaac. Tedious yes, but not impossible.

According to PSNprofiles 70%~ of the people who got the one grounded trophy were able to get the one mentioned here.

Rogue Legacy is actually pretty easy if you do it last. Beating the neo bosses require you to memorize their mechanics and if you have the skill to last a while, then you should be able to do this without too many problems. Plus you can abuse save states in a way similar to Isaac.

Ultimately it comes down to how you play, what you define as difficult (some consider tedious difficult, where as I don't. Getting 10,000+ kills isn't hard, it's just boring, yet lists will say trophies like that are hard) and your overall logic (some would say the hardest part of platinuming something like Declassified is playing Declassified long enough to get the platinum, which would probably be harder for some people to do than play another game like Bloodborne long enough to platinum).

Anyway, the only thing the article "forgot" is that The Monster is just part of Three of a Kind. I'm not going to debate which Evolve trophy is harder (doing the hunters is at least more tedious), but there is no logical reason for the "get elite for one monster" is mentioned, but "get elite for every monster" isn't.

CaptainObvious8781083d ago

Yes, I certainly can say that.

I have close to 140 plats, including Max Payne 3, MGR:R, KZ2 to name a few. I'm not bragging, I just think I've done enough hard work to classify as someone that knows a thing or two about the difficulty of trophies.

Online trophies that require difficult tasks to be completed within a certain time frame such as, wining X consecutive matches, get a kill/death ration of x/y, kill x number of players with y gun in one match, are incredibly stupid because not only do you need to be incredibly skilled, you also need your opponents to lack skill and for them to be at the right place at the right time. In other words, you need an incredible amount of luck. Luck is not indicative of skill which is the entire point of trophies.

EeJLP-1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

Trophies need a new rule set. Things like Uncharted 3's do X 50 times online shouldn't exist. Get 10,000 kills, etc. If you can do something a few times, 5 times, or 10 times, you've shown you're capable of doing it. If you can get 1,000 kills, clearly you can get 10,000 given enough time, but the point is at some point it's not a challenge, they're just wasting people's time.

Trophies need to lean more skill based, be designed as good as possible to be non-boostable, and not take hundreds of hours just for the sake of having to perform the task fifty, or hundreds, or thousands of times.

wsoutlaw871083d ago

I remember the fight night champion game had a trophy for winning each championship belt online. That would mean you would have to be matched up with, and beat the #1 player, and do it in each weight class.

MasterCornholio1083d ago

I really hate those types of trophy's.


admiralvic1083d ago

"Yes, I certainly can say that... I just think I've done enough hard work to classify as someone that knows a thing or two about the difficulty of trophies."

You missed my point ENTIRELY. My point was this is just their opinion and many people feel differently or even define difficulty differently, so can you really say someone forgot or that online trophies have to be included when they might feel differently?

Don't get me wrong, I agree that online trophies need to go and have a fair amount of trophies (99 platinums) with a number of notable games (Catherine, Lost Planet 2, Destiny, Muramasa, Vanquish, etc), but ultimately there is no right or wrong answer to such a question.

YodaCracker1083d ago

I've got three of those ten trophies (TLOU, Spelunky, and Rogue Legacy). Feels good, man.

medman1083d ago

People seem to care waaaay too much about trophies or achievements. If you get them in the course of normal play, good for you. But to sit there and chase trophies? There has to be something better you could be doing with your time, especially when the only point of your playing is just to get that trophy, and you're playing the game long past the point of enjoyment. If you find yourself sitting there bored as heck, yet not able to leave the game because you desperately need that trophy/' re doing it wrong.