BloodBorne - Blood Rock's Location Found

This guide will show you where the only blood rock location in the story is remember to bring sedatives with you to take away the frenzy you can also use the item duplication glitch to get as many as you want!

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slinky1234561119d ago

Awesome, I actually got this by accident just figuring my way around. Upgraded my cane fully when I got it. Do you have to get the rest through Chalice dungeons? Or do you have to replay the game more to get them?

nX1118d ago

I think someone found a Blood Rock in the Isz tier 5 chalice dungeon. Have to check it out myself soon :)

maybelovehate1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

Nice! Anyone know what I am supposed to do at the College? I opened the door but the guy just mumbles. Am I done here? Or missing something

Edit: nevermind.. that was awesome haha.

Tapani1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

You are supposed to study in college! "ha ha"

Two pieces of blood rock are the last pieces I need in the whole game to complete my character. I'm at level 105 or something, but compared to DS1 and DS2, BB took me less time to develop the character I wanted, but the gameplay and environments are much better. Still, I hoped it had just a little more content and variety in terms of character development and upgrading. After spending around 1000hrs in total on Souls games, I think I have a pretty good perspective.

Anyone else find the loot lackluster in the whole game? I truly enjoyed the whole game and after finishing it I started NG+ immediately. Done 5-6 levels of chalice dungeons, but still all the loot in chalice dungeons is creation tools, bloodvials, ammunition or random not-so-good-quality blood gems. Does it get better later on?

I love the way Chalice dungeons pick up where you left them in NG+ (so no pressure to go through them all the first time around!).

Maxor1118d ago

I just spent 4 hours playing this game none stop. What a thrill ride.

MasterCornholio1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

On this rock I shall build my church.


Loving the game so far.