Review: Bloodborne is the successor that the Soul series deserved (The Outerhaven)

The Outerhaven writes:

Being a what I consider to being a pretty die-hard fan of the FROMSOFTWARE’s Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls series, one could imagine how I felt when it was announced that Bloodborne was going to be the next spiritual successor to the aforementioned games. Time has passed, and now that I finally have the game in my hands, I bid my family farewell, cut off the world and descend into the madness of the hunt.

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wakeNbake1182d ago

Its hard to get this game out of your mind, the world really sucks you in. Hands down my favorite RPG since Skyrim and the first must have exclusive of this generation.

WizzroSupreme1182d ago

It sure is. And probably the exclusive the Playstation 4 needs right about now.

LamerTamer1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

It is decent but that awful blurring of the graphics on the sides of the screen hurt my eyes. If you look in the center things are nice and sharp but the edges look low res and blurry with color separation, I HATE that effect and everyone seems to be over-using this image ruining effect. I wish I could shut that OFF.

SolidDuck1182d ago

Haven't even noticed what your talking about, let alone have it be a problem.

MysticStrummer1182d ago

Yeah I've seen this guy complain about that effect more than once today and didn't know what he was talking about so I googled it. I've been playing the game like crazy and haven't noticed it, but I don't pay attention to the edges of the screen. Sounds like a good way to die.

Finalfantasykid1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Ya the Chromatic Aberation is an overused effect. I think it should be reserved only for special attacks or something like that. For example it could be used briefly during Visceral Attacks or something like that. It is weird seeing it constantly, although I think they did tone it down slightly since the alpha (I don't fully remember, but it seemed to be more noticeable back then). I don't find it a problem in the final game, but I did during the alpha.

PaleMoonDeath1182d ago

We may be playing two different games mate.

psplova1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Exactly my thoughts. Say what? I'll try looking harder here I'm about to slay some [email protected]&#..

Lamigol101182d ago

Never even noticed the blurring effect ... I was probably trying not to die !
What an amazing game though, it is atmospheric, brutal and requires skill and patience.
Love it !!

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