New Xbox One System Software Update Preview Brings Longer Achievements, Fixes Robotic Voices

Microsoft released a new system software update for preview members, and there are good news for those annoyed by how fast achievement are displayed and disappear, often preventing from reading their description.

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ninsigma1177d ago

I would rather the time wasnt extended. If you want to read the descriptuon you can pres the xb button. I find it gets in the way, especially when playing a telltale game.

gusgusjr1177d ago

agreed, don't know how many times I couldn't read the decisions I had to choose from.

KiwiViper851177d ago

Or just make the time adjustable. Can achievement notifications be turned off? Can't remember.

MSpence5161177d ago

If I recall correctly, some games had cheevos pop on different parts of the screen(might have been back on the 360). Is this a dev team problem or MS?? Should be fixable either way.

Kribwalker1177d ago

That kills me all the time in pinball fx lol

LAWSON721177d ago

Its good for halo because it takes forever to load 400+ achievements

WizzroSupreme1177d ago

That's awesome to hear. The Xbox One's improved a lot – wow, can't wait to see what they bring to the table next!

Justjoined1231176d ago

You are stating the facts, but apparently there are people who somehow can disagree about xbox improving with updates on an article about xbox updates.

This site...

gnothe11177d ago

they've added voice messages also on Xb1 but for some reason you can only listen to it on the 360 even tho I recorded the message one the xb1..mabe it just isn't ready..

Dlacy13g1177d ago

I believe preview members only have access to voice messages on Xbox one so if they're not in the preview they can only listen to it on the 360.

r3f1cul1177d ago

i dont really care what the achievement description is once ive already unlocked it, i want to know before hand so i can knowingly work toward unlocking it, once ive already finished it, i already have a pretty good idea for what is was i just did so why bother... just saying, i wish they would make the achievement app load as fast as the achievements did on 360 and then there wouldnt be a problem :/ i like that they are updating the console and all but it still just feels like its playing catch up with what the 360 offered as far as ease of use and the quickness of which you can do things... the UI is still just slow and clunky, pretty tedious to navigate and overall just not optimized well despite the large amount of memory dedicated specifically to this purpose :( it does somethings good and all but still lacking from a users standpoint IMO ... im sure others will disagree and if anywhere those disagrees will be displayed is here, but im just stating my opinion that the xbone still isnt what i want it to be personally even tho it is my primary console

JeffGUNZ1176d ago

Would be a cool feature to be able to turn on and off an achievment progress alert. When you are close to completing an achievement; ie have a certain number of kills 40/50, the game gives you an alert or something along those lines.

Dlacy13g1176d ago

Thats a brilliant idea for Achievement hunters...may have to throw that in the feed back suggestion box.