Why League of Legends is Smart for Staying Away from Consoles

There are times when it seems that certain mmo games want to conquer the world. They are released to great acclaim on the PC and eventually work their way over to the Mac. Gamers are playing the game nonstop and revenue is rolling in, but people begin to ask when the game is going to be ported over to consoles or mobile devices. Surely, such a move will only enhance the success that the game has enjoyed so far. The last year or two have seen many games follow this route, but it is surprising that one of the biggest online games of all, League of Legends, has come out and said that they have no plans on porting the game to consoles or any other devices. mmo-PLAY explain why League of Legends is smart for staying away from consoles.

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Sonital1088d ago

After playing SMITE for the last two weeks, I can't imagine a "classic" (Dota2, LoL, HoN) MOBA working unless they were fundamentally changed. SMITE works on console because it isn't the same kind of game.

XisThatKid1088d ago (Edited 1088d ago )

I would love it if LoL came to Console honestly I Love AwesomeNauts and play often. Not that they're the same but I would love some new MOBAs or Party fighters for PS4 but I see what you mean.

Man_Marmalade1088d ago

I would prefer MOBA's staying on PC Just because I don't see it being on console, and I do agree on smite though because it's not the typical top-down MOBA that you see.

ps360s1087d ago

LoL going on consoles would be a slower game due to gamepads

It's best to play these type of games with a mouse and keyboard for it's full potential

Volkama1087d ago

@Man_Marmalade Top down MOBAs would be better on console than on PC imo. Click-to-move is a rubbish control scheme (outside of RTS games).

The skills and interface would need to be reworked for a controller, but the end result would be a more fun game. Much like Diablo 3.

Tiqila1088d ago

I always thought that Diablo 3 would not work on consoles. Blizzard proved me wrong.

But I am not so much into MOBA games.

ps360s1087d ago

Diablo 3 works :)

but games like LoL(mobo) is quite a fast pace type of game which needs alot of constant clicks from both keyboard and mouse lol and its a wide area of gameplay

GenuineGamer1088d ago (Edited 1088d ago )

I think League of Legends could work like a top down twin stick shooter on consoles.

Map attack to right trigger or R2, set your Q,W,E keys as left trigger or L2 and left and right bumpers or L1 & R1. Set your ult(R) as pressing both bumpers at same time or L1 + R1.

Then you have face buttons and d pad to work with. Redesign the store and menus to be more console friendly and your away laughing.

justlikeme1088d ago

Or you could just make it keyboard compatible..

TheWackyMan1087d ago

then you might as well continue playing it on PC

Sokol1087d ago (Edited 1087d ago )

I can see something like Dota 2 work on th console, it can use the same control scheme as Diablo 3 does. It works normal.

However the core game could change a bit and it will be lower paced as well. Even if it did though, I prefer to play Dota on my PC. This is one of those games keyboard and mouse especially are crucial.

Roccetarius1087d ago

One mistake is implying that LoL is an MMO, it is not. However, i do agree that it wouldn't work on consoles without changing it to something it is not.

il-JumperMT1087d ago

Considering League of Legends has so few mechanics it can be ported to consoles easy, unlike proper mobas.

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The story is too old to be commented.