Telling a Tale about TellTale

Everyone's favourite Point and Click adventure game specialist has been around for 3 years now... but why?

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WizzroSupreme933d ago

Make me a great point-and-click Star Trek game, Telltale!

oasdada933d ago

I would like to see a AAA style full fledge game from them like LA noire but with a sci-fi or fantasy setting

CJDJ933d ago

Funny they don't mention anything about Sam & Max Save the World (Season 1) from 2006, to Season 3 and Tales of Monkey Island. I would say they've been a part of mainstream gaming for longer than 3 years... Granted The Walking Dead brought more fans to the company. They make great game, and hope they continue to do so for some time.

goldwyncq933d ago

I really want Telltale to make another Sam and Max game. It's an awesome series and it definitely needs more love and attention.

kraenk12933d ago

Telltale doesn't even make point and click games. I'd call them adventures but P&C?! No! I look at Daedalic and King Art games for P&C.