‘Destiny’ Player With Cerebral Palsey Beats Crota While Using His Foot

INQ: Destiny players have shown an impressive array of the various ways they’ve defeated the Crota’s End. Some have soloed it only with shotguns or No Land Beyond while other PlayStation and Xbox owners have found ways to defeat Crota even faster. It may be hard to beat the smile of this boy with Cerebral Palsy who defeated the raid boss using his foot.

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slinky1234561210d ago

WOW! Very Impressive. Bungie is releasing the next update where they said it will be more accessible control wise for more people too. Also, with Sony releasing the update to the PS4 for more customized controls to your tuning really is helping people have access to more content that they couldn't before. Hopefully more companies look at this and see an opportunity in it, as it will help others have more fun.

GameSpawn1210d ago

This just shows how far a human being can go to overcome a metal or physical limitation. Congrats to him. This is an amazing feat (no pun intended). He did do this on Normal (hence the chalice), but still amazing considering how he had to play.

hiredhelp1210d ago

Now this is news on N4G the boys showing me up with his skills.

kayoss1210d ago

Ok, I will need his help on this raid. I can't even kill the damn sword bearer for god sake.

ThePresentIsAgift1210d ago

I hope that if nothing else this video opens our eyes collectively to reveal that which so many of us take for granted, our health, mobility and well being. Every day is a gift.

Spinal1210d ago

So true. There should be a comment of the year award on here. I'd vote this comment.

chrissx1210d ago

You will never hear fox news report this

Snookies121210d ago

Nah, they'd rather tell people the game caused his disability in the first place.

Congrats to the guy though! That's an awesome accomplishment!

TheSaint1210d ago

Impressive, to say the least.

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The story is too old to be commented.