EP #242 – Why Zelda Wii U Being Delayed is a Good Thing

Nintendo announced that Zelda Wii U is delayed. The anticipated Wii U title was pushed back with no release date. Halo Online going beta exclusively in Russia and Destiny is getting additional vault space. Is this Wii U delay a good thing? Does persistence still matter? Tune in and thanks for listening.

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1211d ago
WizzroSupreme1211d ago

It's great that Nintendo's taking total quality into consideration than just being lazy like the rest of this industry. Zelda U deserves a real name and especially some really epic gameplay before it's ever release. Here's to you, Zelda U.

uriyya1211d ago

I don't let it get to me anymore. When companies push back, and they're known for excellence, it's a great thing.

medman1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

I have no problem with delays from quality studios and developers, because they have a track record of producing quality games. I didn't expect Zelda to make 2015 despite what Nintendo said late last year, just as I didn't really expect Uncharted 4 to make 2015 considering the change in direction after the Amy Hennig/Stashwick departure. But I wouldn't call either of these delays "good"...they just are what they are. I would much rather play a fantastic Zelda or Uncharted this holiday 2015 than spring (or later) 2016....but I can wait. Much better to delay than see a Halo MCC, Assassin's Creed, DriveClub scenario. But I don't see it as a "good" thing...if my paycheck gets delayed, it's not good...if a delivery I'm waiting on gets delayed, it's not good...if a game I'm anticipating gets delayed, it's not good either, but it's acceptable. There is a difference. My only concern for Zelda is I'm thinking we won't see this game til late 2016, because Nintendo has said it won't be at E3 this year, which might mean they have had a total rethink on their original vision for the scope or scale of the game and it's going to take much longer than they originally planned for.