Now is the time for EA to revisit Fight Night

Ouros magazine explores the reason EA should revive the Fight Night franchise

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Fro_xoxo1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Seriously, What is taking them so long?

I beg EA to announce something at E3. It's been too long.

ironfist921206d ago

Im not a sports fan, but I love the Fight Night series.

Champions story mode was really well done, and looking for more story content to go with the game too. Perhaps a young boxer off the street who gets older and rises in the ranks to becoming the GOAT

Also noticed there's a lot of boxing TV shows and films slowing coming out, so hopefully this encrouages EA to stop jerking off FIFA and NBA, and focus their attention on FN

WombBat1206d ago

Yes bring on a new fight night

CorndogBurglar1206d ago

I would love a new one. The graphics were already fantastic on last gen systems. Could you imagine what they could do with this game graphically on the new consoles?

Anyway, i dont play sports games, but Fight Night was always a buy for me. I loved those games.

ThanatosDMC1206d ago

Waiting for Pacman to beat Mayweather.

RobLoPR1206d ago

Well you better sit down cause its not happening on May 2nd... you might never get to see Mayweather loose... unless he gives Miguel Cotto a rematch.

jagermaster6191206d ago

By far my favorite sports game would love if they made a new one heres to hoping!!!

JWiLL5521206d ago

I understand wanting to capitalize on the MMA market, but that game was terrible and MMA doesn't really translate well to a videogame. There's no fun way to involve the 'ground game".

I was hoping for a launch window Fight Night with cutting edge tech like we had last gen, unfortunate EA didn't plan that out.

dcj05241206d ago

The UFC game is decent

-shoryuken-1206d ago

EA UFC was far from terrible. I still enjoy playing it, although I do agree that the ground game is not very good. The submissions should not be a mini game... I'm not sure if there is a good way to deal with the ground game. It's funny that I am a mma fan, although I only enjoy the stand up fights... in all, I am still looking forward to the next UFC game from EA. While I'm not a boxing fan, I do enjoy boxing games and am looking forward to seeing a Fight Night this gen.

Sokol1206d ago

My personal favorite series of sport.

They need to announce it already. I enjoy watching UFC however the art of Boxing still remains my favorite :)

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The story is too old to be commented.