Persona 5: 5 things I'd like too see.

The highly anticipated Persona 5 has been scheduled for release sometime in 2015 for PS3 and PS4 in Japan and North America.Persona 5 seems to be shaping up well, the game was teased by developers Atlus and the response from fans and newcomers has been overwhelmingly positive. The game has a lot to live up to considering it’s the latest main Persona game to be coming out since the highly regarded and Kane at GSR personal all time favourite classic Persona 4 which came out all the way back in 2007 on PS2.

So with all that said and done, here are some things that Kane at GSR would like to see added, fixed or improved on in the upcoming game.

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Hold_It1182d ago

1) No More Paddington Bear characters (Teddie)
2) Return to form (P1, P2)
3) Darker Story
4) Female playable MC
5) Vita Version w/ Cross Save

medman1181d ago

I only need to see one thing. A release date.

Hold_It1180d ago

Can we get some Jazz for the OST instead of K-pop?

Homicide_171180d ago

I wouldn't mind the OST to be something like in the trailer or like cowboy bebop