Way To Resume Bloodborne Online From Rest Mode Discovered

The Playstation 4’s most recent update just added the ability to resume games that were in progress when the PS4 got put into rest more. Reports quickly shot up however, stating that games like Bloodborne only work in Offline Mode due to the fact that it doesn’t keep the online connection up when the system is resting.

Here at Pennyworth Reviews, we do believe that we have just stumbled on a workaround that actually allows it to do just that!

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Ognipode875d ago

Anyone else tried it yet? Works with iPhone app. Wanna test it with Vita remote play next.

ToonTonic875d ago

Mine works normally anyway. Don't understand everyone's problems!

joab777875d ago

I havnt checked but in DS you could disconnect from network. Maybe if you did that before rest.

AdamJensen875d ago

Yep, mine works normally aswell. Just suspend it anywhere I am and when I come back I start seeing the notes and figures in a couple of seconds. Co-op works too.

martinezjesus1993875d ago

Ive done it around 5 times but only once has it taken me back to the menu screen. The other times it worked fine

BellePelouse875d ago

I wasted 3 insights because of trying to play coop when resuming from rest mode. You have to restart the game don't make the same mistake!

mastemikegee875d ago

I noticed that wherever you are in the game if you qut to title screen and then next time you chose 'online mode' and 'continue' you will be back where you was before you quit.

So I just quit to title screen and go to rest mode. Then when I switch the PS4 on I go to 'online mode' and 'continue '. Sure it's not as fast, but it's the fastest way for me so far.

My mobile doesn't support the PlayStation App (need to upgrade :/ ) so I'll still be doing this for a while.

PS. This game is remarkable!

jon1234875d ago

i can turn my ps4 off and it starts back fine without sending me to the title screen

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