How Is Bloodborne Treating Our Beginners?

PushSquare:"For the few of you that aren't fed up of us bleating on about Bloodborne yet, we've got one last piece of weekend reading lined up. With the game clearly attracting newcomers to the acclaimed Souls series, we've brought together a handful of scribes who have slightly less experience with the franchise in order to share their initial impressions. Is it impenetrably hard? How many DualShock 4 controllers were maimed in the making of this article? Spoilers: we all rather like it so far."

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nicksetzer11091d ago

I think the whole difficulty thing is blown way out of proportion. It just requires a bit of thinking and patience galore. If you go at it like a normal hack and slah you will die, at least from what I have seen.

Either people are too accustom to not needing to use their brains and need constant hand holding, or they haven't played other games which are far more difficult. I like difficult games anyway TBH, so maybe I am just biased.

firelogic1091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

I agree. We're all just conditioned to play 3rd person action games a certain way which is why games like Demon's Souls/Dark Souls/Bloodborne throw people for a loop. Once you adapt, it's not that difficult. The problem is, some people are slower to adapt than others so they give up on it prematurely. Those that stick with it are left with a sense of accomplishment.

Demon's Souls kicked my ass initially way back when because I was rushing in head first, slashing away, depleting stamina. Once I started to slow it down and proceed almost like it was actually me in the game, it clicked. Try role playing next time. It's you in this world. How would you handle it?

XBLSkull1091d ago

Having trouble with the second boss?

I did what others said, learn a better strategy. Here is the correct way to beat the second boss. Enjoy all you people who still claim I don't own a PS4.

DanteVFenris6661090d ago

Second boss was easy. I even beat the second boss before I beat the first. I also beat him in one try with no upgrades.

ziggurcat1090d ago


There is no "correct" way to beat a boss in this game (or any souls game, really), and turtling behind some gravestones the whole time is a cheap approach to beating him. You can also beat him if you get aggressive, stay in his face, and... You know... Dodge his attacks.

JsonHenry1091d ago

Agreed. I don't know anyone that doesn't play video games on a regular basis that couldn't adjust and figure out how to succeed in this game if they give it a chance.

Most of us on this site were beating much harder games back in the NES/SNES era when we were kids. This is a walk in the park compared to what we used to play.

SpinalRemains1381091d ago


NES games were way harder than Souls games.

Ninja Gaiden NES was brutal.

Why o why1091d ago

ghouls n ghosts or ghost n goblins.... tricky mfers

Seraphim1091d ago

no doubt. I had bought Demon's Souls import (Hong Kong Version) when it appeared there was no chance of it's release Stateside. Then something the next day after I had played it Atlus announced they'd be bringing it to the US. I really wanted to play it but just didn't have the time & had mixed feelings thinking I'd pick it up again once released in the US so never got into it.

Having said that Bloodborne is like my first and so far it's not incredibly difficult. Will you die? Absolutely, almost any encounter can kill you. 2nd try I beat 1st boss, 2nd boss idk why but should have beat him 1st try, ended up taking 4 tries I believe. With shortcuts it was incredibly easy to get back to him & overall I've died maybe 7 times. Play smart, learn when to use which form of your weapon, dodge, run, use the abilities and options given to you. My hardest part is a combination of carefully pacing attacks and sometimes finding it difficult to use potions. Overall though the game isn't too difficult and once you take the time to understand things things go much smoother.

I think you are in part correct nicksetzer. Gaming today is all hack n slash, fast paced, not much difficulty or game over screens. Us old school gamers remember many short games like Contra that were 40 minutes long while many others were challenging, where Death was a constant. Through the years I found myself enjoying games for the experience and usually just playing on Normal but lately I've been trying to get more plays in with games I enjoy and looking for more of a challenge at a times w/o feeling like the challenge comes at the cost of being cheap. I do think a certain generation on up has it easy with games tailored to the general public, tailored to any and all players. I can see any and all points and while I'm loving it I too see things I'd prefer to have seen but part of that is more likely due to easier progression and check points in modern games.

MasterCornholio1091d ago

Theres a pretty steep learning curve to the game though. It requires you to study your enemys and to develop strategys to defeat them. Thats one of the main reasons why i enjoy it so much because i dont feel like a brainless idiot when i defeat my foes. I only feel stupid when i die in really silly ways. Like when i swing like a maniac and forget to dodge. Its so tempting to do that especially since you gain some health back. Nice little trap that Miyazaki gave us.

quiddd1091d ago

Kickin my ass.........I love it

Manubiggs1091d ago

I'm a souls noob. It took me a while to get into but now I can't stop. The learning curve is steep and father Gascogne still kills me with in a sliver of his health left and I have to take a break or I'll lose it. But I'll get him tomorrow and it will feel even better than killing the clerical beast.

guyman1091d ago

I'm in the same boat as you. When he transforms he is incredibly fast, i still need to adapt to that!

sprinterboy1091d ago

Only share played to see if I would be any good at it b4 purchasing lol,thrown in at the deep end, I say this cause I sucked bad at demon souls lmfao. Gonna rent after my share play experience, but my spider senses say I will end up purchasing the game after a price drop (not saying the games not worth it btw), just £50 is alot of money on something your pants at lol

OUROSMAG1091d ago

The only way to get better is to keep at it.. This is my first "souls" game and I'm complete garbage at it.. But I've just downed my 3rd boss and get better each time.

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