Official Batman: Arkham Knight Collector's Edition strategy guide listed with details

The official Batman: Arkham Knight Collector's Edition strategy guide, with details as to what's included, by Amazon.

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KiwiViper851062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

I never understood the need for strategy guides.

I guess its something cool to have on the bookshelf, just like other pieces of memorabilia. But do people actually play through a game with the book open, instructing them what to do and where to go next? Doesn't that ruin the excitement and adventure of the game? Breaking immersion at every paragraph? If you do get stuck, the solution is never more than a quick Google search or YouTube video away.

I suppose you might want to do a 100% playthrough in the most time efficient way possible. Knowing that there's a collectible just around that corner, so you don't have to backtrack later on.

Saying that, strategy guides like this one and GTAV's make a lot more sense than the Titanfall Strategy guide.

Hope the cover looks cool, and different from the game cover, so it can be shown off to mates at least.

moomoo3191062d ago

I never understood the need for them either, until bloodborne, which i find myself playing with vg24/7's full walkthrough open at all times lol

thorstein1062d ago

I bought one for Little Big Planet 2 so that I could find all the materials and get full completion. I think they work best for open world games that might help you find stuff you missed.

I also bought Ni No Kuni's strategy guide which is a beautiful piece of work for the same reason.

I get what you are saying though, I hardly need one for most games, Bloodborne's isn't out yet. As soon as I opened the gate near the first lantern, I realized I don't need one.

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littletad1062d ago

Why is the link listing the guide at almost 40 bucks, but a regular search also shows another for 20 bucks? Anyone notice that or know?

itsjustexuma1062d ago

They do that all the time, Amazon changes the price once the release date is near

littletad1062d ago

No I know that, I'm just saying that if you do a regular search for the guide, you only get one link for the collectors and one for the regular. But the collectors is listed as 20.99. The other one in the link shown on the site, you can't find it via search and it's 36 bucks. Just weird.