Super Mario 64 HD Unity Remake - New Version Sports HDR, Specular Bump Mapping & Improved Lighting

DSOGaming writes: "A couple of days ago, we informed you about a fan-made remake of the first level from Super Mario 64 in the Unity Engine. Reddit’s member ‘varietygamer‘ has experimented with its source code and released a new overhauled version of it. This new version packs improved lighting and shadows, HDR + Depth of Field + Edge Shading, Volumetric Clouds, Specular Bump mapping on most textures and high resolution landscape textures."

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higgins781181d ago

Horrible. Even this many years later, trying to top Nintendo - stand on the shoulders of giants, BAD idea. SM3DW beats this attempt at a HD example of Mario badly.

NiteX1181d ago

Pretty lifeless looking. It might not be so bad if they used actual grass instead of an awful grass looking texture.

kingPoS1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

It doesn't have that Nintendo look. It's almost like someone took Borderlands, and rendered it with realistic graphics. It just doesn't have the same charm or fluffy bright colors.

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masa20091181d ago

Cease and desist!
Signed, Regginator

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