The Order 1886: Early Dev Footage Shows Game Running at 30+ FPS, Details the Evolution of VFX

GearNuke :"The Order 1886 is without a doubt, one of the most gorgeous looking game on current generation consoles and it shows the immense talent that was behind the making of the game."

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GCO Gamer1207d ago

That's early development footage?

OUROSMAG1207d ago

Such an underrated game, it was extremely gorgeous but its more fun than some people let on.

Don't regret buying it day one at all.

KarmaV121207d ago

Same way I felt about Ryse

jc121207d ago

I wouldnt say its underrated at all. Id give it a 6.5/10. The graphics were impeccable for sure, but the gameplay was very pedestrian.

Not only that but I it was almost impossible to see vertically from behind cover due to the "cinematic" black bars running along the top and bottom of the screen. I had a hell of a time seeing shotgun rushers coming at me from behind cover...

Add to the fact that cutscenes are not skippable, and the game-pacing is awful.

Not a terrible game, the story was pretty solid. Some of the characters - like Galahad - were interesting. But Ready at Dawn didn't focus enough on the gameplay.

methegreatone1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Its nice that you enjoyed it. At the end of the day, lots of people are going to enjoy it.

Still, imo there's a lot of wasted potential in this game and Ryse.
I can't tell how the gameplay feels for either one because I've only watched the entire walkthroughs, but I know that from a presentation and story standpoint, both those games had gameplay that didn't really look interesting, instead, they actually worked against believability of story in both games.

I REALLY want them to stop getting stuck with silly COD/BF campaign mechanics and design ideas. Games that are meant to be story driven and cinematic and pushing forward in fidelity...
Why do they both have identical wave after wave of enemies that spawn behind walls ? Why do both of them offer so little complexity at any one time ? Companion AI that hardly ever kill ? Constantly limiting interactivity for no good reason - You can only walk now, because it fits the mood... Why ?

These aren't bold, new innovations, they're old, silly mechanics take straight from the 'Modern Military Shooter'
campaigns of COD and Battlefied 3 and 4. The worst kind of campaign.

These design choices are holding these games back so much, and they need to stop. There are so many incredible campaigns out there, some more open ended, many more of them linear !

Ryse could have had an amazing sequel I think, although that isn't happening now. The Order's sequel could be so kickass.

What really annoys me about Ryse though, is that this is by Crytek, a company that took gameplay complexity, simulation and interactivity to a completely new level with Crysis 1 and Warhead...
Crysis 2 and 3 were dumbed down in that respect, but even then, they offered a good amount of complexity, simulation and variety.
What happened to Ryse ?

tekksin1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

That's not early footage. It's just the developers showcasing their abilities for future employers. Minus the fire demo.

sprinterboy1207d ago

Great game, 3 playthroughs. Wish I'd bought retail though for trade in purposes.

LoveSpuds1207d ago

Underated game for sure and although I got my moneys worth chasing the platinum I do feel that the story was cut short and sorely needed a resolution with respect to the main bad guy.

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