Official Infographic shows where Star Wars Battlefront fits into Star Wars canon

Disney and LucasArts have revealed a new infographic detailing exactly where Star Wars Battlefront, the highly anticipated first-person shooter from DICE and Electronic Arts, fits into the official Star Wars canon, among the movies and television shows.

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Benoski1205d ago

This doesn't prove anything.

This infrographic was taken from a novel. Battlefront is on there, sure, but it's clearly not mentioned as a video game.

It could just be a novel that ties into Battlefront...

GCO Gamer1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

That's a really good point, I guess we'll have to wait and see. I'll get an official comment on that.

poppinslops1205d ago

I thought Disney decided that all the extended-universe stuff was basically non-canonical... Pretty sure it's just the movies and the shows (Clone Wars, Rebels and probably HBO's series) left.

The Force Unleashed, Knights of the Old Republic, the Thrawn Trilogy and the rest of the 'George Lucas approved' stories are now little more than fan-fiction.

Am I wrong? 'cause this is one time I'd love to be wrong.

morganfell1205d ago

I am not so sure. Star Wars Battlefront is a copyrighted term. Disney is attempting to solidify the canon and control it more directly. I do not think this is a toss out haphazard listing. Also consider how many novels/characters/games they cut from the expanded universe in a single whack. No this is deliberate and my vote goes with this being directly tied to the game.

Randostar1205d ago

This is what i was trying to point out on reddit earlier. In the timeline rebels and the clone wars clearly say (TV Series). It would say (Videogame) if thats the battlefront they were talking about, this timeline is in novels for petes sake.

Wenis1205d ago

Why would Battlefront be under ANH when the first trailer for Battlefront showed the battle of Hoth.. and the second trailer showed Endor

morganfell1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

I think the graphic is actually showing where Battlefront begins rather than it only occupying that one sliver in time. Design Director Niklas Fegraeus stated publicly the game spans several years. While the SP may not, if they have a separate SP, the MP certainly employs locations that were years apart.

WizzroSupreme1205d ago

Why would Star Wars: Battlefront's canon happen between Episode IV and V IF it does indeed include the Battle of Hoth? Does it really start with the Battle of Yavin at the beginning and go all the way forward? If so, that'd also omit the prequels entirely – and that's certainly not a bad thing, though.

I'd really miss it if they didn't include the Battle of Coruscant, though. That'd be what I'd tolerate Episode III's presence for.

gantarat1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Kyle Katarn.
Star Killer.
Mara Jade.
Dash Rendar.

trywizardo1205d ago

Is it an open world game ?!