Watch Gamers Praise Bloodborne in New Video from Sony

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe organized a community event in London, inviting players from all over the Old Continent to play the game.
Today they released a video giving a glimpse on what happened, including some quite excited praise for the game itself.

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The_Infected911d ago

Like they would ever release a video of people saying bad things about their games. Still I'm sure Bloodborne is a masterpiece.

Aloy-Boyfriend911d ago (Edited 911d ago )

No need to be pessimistic about the obvious. Now upload a picture of yourself to facebook and say you are ugly

maximus1985911d ago

so your assuming hes ugly and insulting him because you dont like what he said? Really it only makes you look immature

CernaML911d ago

^His comment clearly went right over your head.

Aloy-Boyfriend911d ago (Edited 911d ago )

Lol @Max

Where's the insult? Think before you type man. And about the comment below, it's a South Park Reference!

telekineticmantis911d ago


The Xbox enthusiasts are always trying to "catch" PlayStation enthusiasts being "hypocritical" in some sort sting operation. Unfortunately, that might not have been the most pathetic and embarrassing.

NegativeCreep427911d ago (Edited 911d ago )

@ telekineticmantis

Microsoft Xbox sycophants calling anyone else a hypocrite is just the pothead calling the kettle a crackhead.

Case in Point: how many official price cuts have Microsoft made to the Xbox One so far? At least two. Xbox One has had a few price cuts and it was only released one week after the PlayStation 4. But when that happens, all the Xbox fanboys say it is because Microsoft "cares about gamers and their audience".

In contrast, when anything PlayStation-related drops in price, even if they are not even official price cuts and are just retailer price cuts, it's because "it's not selling. It's a flop. Herp De Derp!"

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S2Killinit911d ago (Edited 911d ago )

why not just allow people to be excited for gaming? You're stating the obvious here. Are you also going to say that after every commercial you watch?

KwietStorm911d ago

When was the last time you saw a commercial for a movie, with critics saying this film sucks..?

Aloy-Boyfriend911d ago ShowReplies(2)
Masterchief_thegoat911d ago

I hope blood borne sell 2- 5million units sold. can't wait for a seq I love dying to enemies/bosses so you can get better on the next try. love that feeling and is not cheap hard

Benjammin25911d ago

I REALLY hope it gets a sequel but I fear the next game will probably be Dark Souls 3. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I just personally think Bloodborne is the best in the series. It's an absolute masterpiece.

dcj0524911d ago

Honestly I'm sick of the medieval setting. From has like 7 games in that setting. Honestly I want a sci-fi dead spacey/Mass effect setting Souls-esque game. Or they could make metal wolf chaos 2

shmeedy24685911d ago

Bloodborne isn't for me but glad people are enjoying it!

Stiffler911d ago (Edited 911d ago )

I've never played any Dark Souls (styled) games but I'll tell you what, when I was watching AngryJoe play through Bloodborne last night I was frothing at the mouth. Some of those bosses look so unbelievably horrifying and hard but super fun at the same time.

Love it how you can sometimes walk around the corner, see a huge bro boss and walking back the way you came saying "nope!!".

Looks AMAZING imo!

Edit: Video here;

KwietStorm911d ago

A huge bro boss? What the hell is a huge bro boss?

Stiffler911d ago


It's a silly expression...You think that was talking it down and deserves a DV? Lol this site cracks me up. So many stupidly defensive people.

LoveSpuds911d ago

I didnt think DarkSouls could be bettered but I honestly think BloodBorne manages it, this is game design at its finest as far as I am concerned.

TheGamingArt911d ago

Dark Souls was already lagging behind Demon Souls .... and Bloodborne is the Demon Souls spiritual successor... so of course it's better than Dark Souls lol.

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