Here's how Killing Floor 2 plays on its hardest difficulty

PCgamer:"We've got some final videos from our Killing Floor 2 LAN with Tripwire. The first is one of our attempts at Hell on Earth difficulty, KF2's hardest setting, on the Paris map. And below, we wanted to share a video from a single perspective on Biotics Lab (on Normal difficulty), which we didn't see yesterday in our full match video."

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crazychris41241147d ago

Game just keeps getting better and better. Everything looks top notch. Only complaint from the video is the running looks weird in both first person view and watching other players.

urwifeminder1147d ago

Put a lot of hours into the first game this looks very nice.

Nwah1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

This looks goddamn awesome. I love the sound of the guns. THIS is how you do a sequel.

FlyingFoxy1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

The funny voice lines seem to be missing from the first game, i hope it's not going to turn into a generic serious zombie like shooter. The funny lines are what gave the first game much of its charm, the pod trader sounds lifeless.

Still, i'll reserve full judgement for now because i like most of what i can see.

NiteX1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

It definitely didn't sound serious to me. But the trader's accent isn't that fake British anymore if that's what your referring to. Honestly that got old after the first couple of games for me. But the game will have mod support, so I would be surprised if someone didn't mod the old VO back in.