Batman: Arkham Knight will be Game of the Year

GCO: "Batman: Arkham Knight will be the Game of the Year, and here’s why: Rocksteady's devotion to making it great: With games becoming more and more ambitious, it's becoming hard for a developer deliver an outstanding experience."

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BlackSpartan1871181d ago

UM Witcher 3, MGS V, and a few others may have something to say about that. This will be some great games coming out , it going to be hard to say which one will be GOTY. I am looking for this game however, it will be amazing regardless if it get GOTY or not.

KiwiViper851181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

GOTY doesn't carry as much weight as it used to, as all these games plus more will be game of the year for some outlet or association.

GOTY pretty much means its in the top tier of games for that year. A remarkable achievement for all game developers to strive for, but until we come to an agreement on a definitive GOTY award, it doesn't mean much.

I don't think Batman will be the definitive GOTY anyway, that's my opinion, you can have yours.

But talking about GOTY in March, when all the "nominees" havn't even released is a bit pathetic to be honest. Game companies don't even have to hype there games anymore, journalists do it for free. And this isn't even the first article like this, won't be the last.

We might as well start discussing 2016 GOTY while were at it.

mikeslemonade1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

Game of the Year is like metacritic. It's not winning just one award. It's about aggregating the most GotY awards out of all the sources.

And Bloodborne will win the undisputed GotY 2015!

Batman has already been done before. It didn't win when Arkam Asylum came out.

MGSV, it's also being developed for last gen systems. Kojima has his hands full and also with the drama he has with Konami it won't help. The series has been going down hill since MGS3.

Witcher 3, is gonna be great but it's no BB.

Bloodborne is going to win because they improved what was bad about the Souls games. The Souls games are amazing games but it was the combat and the graphics that needed to be improved. And now this is the full package.

People say it's too soon to call GotY.. It's fun to predict GotY. And I'm usually correct too.

rainslacker1181d ago

Guess we won't have to make a visit to GCO at the end of the year to find out who they gave GOTY to...not that many people would anyways.

Gotta laugh when someone makes this claim 3 months into the year, before the actual game is even released. Potential is there, but it's a premise to write an article on, instead of just actually writing why the game is going to be good.

GCO Gamer1181d ago

@rainslacker Probably, I don't know what would be definitively Game of the Year.

But, I know from everything I've seen and heard Batman: Arkham Knight is my pick for Game of the Year as of right now.

I understand it being three months into the year, but it's an opinion piece, nothing more.

rainslacker1181d ago

Fair enough if it's as of right now...although given that the game hasn't released, and I assume you don't have a review copy, it's a bit pre-mature since there are other games being released which are considered contenders.

If you meant it will be in the running for GOTY based on your reasoning's, then that would be a more appropriate way to address the topic...and I would probably be inclined to agree with you.

GCO Gamer1181d ago

@rainslacker Yep, that's exactly what I'm saying.

NuggetsOfGod1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Batman will win and every game will have a goty edition.

Batman is at the top of my list right above witcher 3 & tomb raider.

Not a new game but a gears collection omg

ps4gamer19831180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

You forgot Persona 5. 2015 is the year that the West recognizes this brilliant franchise.

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WeAreLegion1181d ago

This year is far too packed with massive titles to say that. It will be an incredible game though.

At least Uncharted and Zelda won't be competing this year, so that gives it a better chance.

Jughead34161181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

A bit early to claim any victories already. Got some pretty good games on the way. And Bloodborne is proving to be a pretty big success early on. Not sure if Bloodborne released too early in the year to remain relevant later on, but it's definitely a contender. Batman should be pretty good, but hold off on any crowning for now.

Sokol1181d ago

I find it little 'weird' and unprofessional to call GOTY a product that is not even released as of yet. I have no doubt Batman will be a great game, but guess what, so is Bloodborne, the game that actually is released and have had received excellent critics and fans reviews. - It's that good.

That's a fact and you can just dismiss it.

Look at Dragon Age Inquisition, excellent game, also high contender. How about upcoming The Witcher 3 or Metal Gear Solid 5 which is as ambitious as it gets.

Before the year 2015 is over there will be more. Let's wait and see. :)

GCO Gamer1181d ago

Weird yes, unprofessional maybe.

Believe it or not, from people I've talked with Warner Bros. have two titles which they're expected great critical acclaim, The Witcher and Arkham Knight.

I've been asked multiple times which title I believe will be Game of the Year, Batman is that title. Because it's accessible more so than any of the other games releasing this year.

Lore1181d ago

Just give Motorcycle Club game of the year & call it a day

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