E3 2015: Top 5 Playable Games Wish List

Explosion:" It is nearly April. That means convention season is about to pick up in a big way. With the start of convention season comes the buildup for 2015 Electronic Entertainment Expo in June. Thus far, I have organized a list of games I would like to play the most at the gaming convention this year, that is if I had the choice of any five games I could play in-depth at the convention."

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GCO Gamer1208d ago

Yeah, I want to get my hands on that Star Wars project more so than anything else.

WizzroSupreme1207d ago

It's a shame that Uncharted 4 had to end up being at the top of "E3 2015" wish lists than "Games we can actually play in full" lists. But it's awesome that we'll at least get to see more of it than Zelda this year.