‘Silent Hill 2’ Was the Game That Made Me Hate Myself

Vice: Silent Hill used to be an idyllic New England tourist trap. Now it's Hell. If you find yourself there, walking its fogbound streets, you've probably done something terrible. It's a place where sinners are lured and judged by the ancient, unholy evil that lurks there, and your journey through it is shaped by your own anxiety, fear, and guilt.

This dark presence roots around in the dingiest corners of your subconscious and brings the worst bits to life. What you see, others won't, because it's a personalized nightmare created just for you. It's a supremely fucked-up town, and home to one of the best, most emotionally charged stories ever told in a video game.

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ArchangelMike933d ago

Silent Hill 2, was the first horror game that really blew me away got into my head with it's mature story. The one PS2 horror game that I'd love a Next-Gen Remaster.