I Played ‘Bloodborne’ for 24 Hours Straight

Vice: At 9 AM on Sunday morning, I died. I watched myself at a remove, falling first with the right knee and then the left, until my whole body collapsed prone onto the floor and began to fade into opacity. Before me, a gigantic skeletal structure, electrified in blue and white, swiped and smashed the space I had just vacated. A few seconds passed, to let me appreciate another failure, before the words "YOU DIED" appeared on the television screen. No f*cking shit, Bloodborne, I thought. No f*cking shit, Miyazaki, you glorious bastard.

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DEEBO1123d ago

Damn dude don't pull a wifi cafe death playing bloodborne.

I love the gane too but you have to drop the controller and get some rest before you die.

Exari1122d ago

I play 12 hours everyday... am i in danger?

SpinalRemains1381122d ago

Enjoyable read.

However, I do find it odd that a man of 26 years has never pulled an all nighter. That kist seems impossible. Never once did he buy beer and drink with his pals till 6 AM when God's flashlight makes you feel guilty?

SpinalRemains1381122d ago

Maybe I should address my drinking.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

Bloodborne is an eerily enjoyable trial by fire, a war of attrition. Well written article. Very enjoyable. I hope he writes more and replaces some of the crap that's usually posted on this site.