‘Deadly Premonition’ Remains the Weirdest Video Game of the Modern Era

Vice: Released in February 2010, during the peak of the Xbox 360 era, Deadly Premonition offered the world a unique window into gaming's delightfully ramshackle and sometimes ugly past at a time when big-box video games could be incredibly conservative.

The obtuse masterpiece was the product of six years of tireless work by a young Japanese auteur named Hidetaka Suehiro, who is commonly referred to as SWERY or Swery65. Production began at Access Games back in 2004 under the title Rainy Woods—an ambitious "cynical urban drama" with a strong focus on forensic science and murder mystery. The game was officially unveiled at Tokyo Game Show in 2007 earning immediate comparisons to David Lynch's classic TV drama Twin Peaks. But production was ceased shortly thereafter due to "technological difficulties." A more educated guess would be that Access risked facing a lawsuit for creative, or copyright theft, despite the end product remaining heavily in debt to Lynch's vision.

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Gwiz1123d ago

It's indeed a very weird game,i for one never knew what my avatar was until i played this game.When i remember correctly this was one of the most polarizing review score games.
I recommend checking it out.