Destiny: Next Week’s Crucible Events, Nightfall And Heroic Strike Revealed

"The hardcore Destiny community has shown its usual pursuit of level grinding by not being too bothered by the current lack of suspend/resume functionality in the latest PS4 update and Megamanexe4 has instead continued on with his routine of data mining to bring early information to the masses. Still apparently unable to lock down Xur for inventory foresight, he brings word on the two upcoming strikes as well as next weeks Crucible events."

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objdadon1027d ago

I just wanna know when the next iron banner is

eliyah901027d ago

Every 3rd week in a month

BC_Master_Haze1027d ago

I hope they sell gauntlets and helmets next time, it would be good to have a full set

GameSpawn1027d ago

Icebreakers ahoy!

No burn on the Heroic either. Void burn sucks for the nightfall as there are (1) very few Void Legendary and Exotics that are of any use and (2) the Nexus has numerous Minotaurs and Praetorians which have very powerful Void attacks (only stronger with the burn). Be careful at the cheese spot for the boss as there is an Axis Minotaur or Praetorian (depending on difficulty) that comes up behind you at regular intervals to push you into the boss arena.

JWiLL5521027d ago

Word of Crota + Praedyth's Revenge + Truth = destroy everything quickly. Or Corrective Measure if you're Truthless.

Void burn is fun with this strike.

GameSpawn1027d ago

"Word of Crota + Praedyth's Revenge + Truth"

That's great if you are able to raid. I have only been able to run VoG Hard once and that was a chore to get with people via the LFGs. We had a decent group until the Exotic chest and all but two of us dropped out, leaving two people to scramble over the LFGs for 4 more to finish. I was hoping my double rolls would net me Atheon's Epilogue so I can easily finish the Thorn bounty - I have a decent void fusion, shotgun, and machine gun, but I really need that Primary - I got ALL the VoG Solar weapons BTW and a $^&*ton of Ascendant Material.

I wish I had 5 friends to easily raid regularly with, but most of the people in my friends list that play Destiny are too low level to even play VoG Normal (even worse a chunk of them don't own Dark Below meaning they can't follow me on those missions or along on the Omnigul Strike - my personal favorite).

That said, for as much as Destiny's RNG has boned me it has rewarded me - today I got TWO legendary drops in less than 30 minutes (both on Venus; one from an enemy and the other from a chest; I also had a Blue engram turn into a Legendary Helmet for my Warlock). I'll just chalk today up as a win.

JWiLL5521026d ago

Don't let one bad LFG experience ruin raids for you.

I've used exclusively for raids and typically have a great time. Just request they send party invites and if you're not feeling the company within the first minute, back out and wait for another one.

It's the best content in the game and something Destiny does different than any other FPS. Give it another shot.

Or try the Fireteams section of the Destiny subreddit.

stashu741026d ago

Word of Crota, swordbreaker, LDR 5001 (6 shots with firefly), and the truth.

That should do

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Conzul1027d ago

I'm just glad Salvage is staying around a bit longer.

I just need another 38 wins to max my grimoire, then I can finally join my friends in the Handsome Collection. I would have joined them earlier but I can't risk losing my touch or interest right as I get close to maxing out. Salvage and Rumble wins (72) are the REAL grind in Destiny.

WizzroSupreme1027d ago

Is anyone else getting tired of Destiny already?

dolphin_supreme1027d ago

yea i was a while ago. im playing bloodborne right now, but once im done im definitely going back to borderlands. if you like destiny's grind, weapons and just general fun, then you'll enjoy borderlands (IMO). I think borderlands does what destiny wants to do so much better

JWiLL5521027d ago

I haven't touched Destiny since I grabbed The Handsome Collection earlier this week.

I'd never played a Borderlands game before...let's just say I understand now why BL players were more disappointed than most with the amount of content in Destiny.

The Tiny Tina DLC campaign is better than Destiny's by itself.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1027d ago

'already' the game's been out for half a year. LOL

Conzul1027d ago

Not quite as tired as I am of comments like this.

brettyd1026d ago

Nope, play it everyday. Best co-op game in years.

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BlackWolf121027d ago

The article mentions that Destiny players aren't bothered by the lack of Suspend/Resume functionality.

I LOL at this.

A) We have been playing this game for 6 months without that feature, why would the lack of it bother us now?
B) Bungie have confirmed that the Suspend/Resume feature will be included as part of the 1.1.2 update to be released in April.

So yeah......

GameSpawn1027d ago


It is a heavily online only game so I'd imagine there would be syncing issues between the game and the server. I can only see this working if they only allow suspend/resume from orbit where being out of sync right at resume wouldn't be detrimental.