Is Nintendo delaying Zelda in order to release it on the NX too?

Could the delay mean that Nintendo is planning to release the new Zelda as an NX launch title?

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Wonderful1011155d ago

Yep, it will be a New Wii U launch title.

eaise1155d ago

Not a chance
Heck no
No Way, Jose

Think I got my point across. It's not gonna happen. People need to chill

Folezicle1154d ago

It's possible, it migt be the same deal with twillight princess. Comes out on Wii U and NX.

If they had metroid and zelda as launch titles, I would imagine it would do well

higgins781154d ago

100% no. Mark my words. More likely its delayed for polish and refinement and/or 2016 will mark the 30th anniversary of Zelda, shall the trolls conveniently forget.

G3n3raL861154d ago

Prepare to see LOTS of doom articles stating that the new Zelda is coming for NX and how that will kill da Wii U.

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