Games In 2015 Do Exist

Stu at Sushimonster85 writes 'Following the news of yet another delay, people again started bemoaning the lack of titles in 2015. In comparison to the heady days of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, there does seem a more pronounced gap between game releases this generation. However, as the following five games show, its maybe not quite as bad as we all think.'

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thorstein1030d ago

I'm not bemoaning delays. I have tons to play right now. And the games on the horizon that are coming out are going to make my backlog grow.

Delays? Good. I don't have the time to play all that I want.

sushimonster851030d ago

Yeah I was actually pretty happy Arkham got pushed back, more time to devote to the witcher!

Meltic1030d ago

he said that to get clicks... nothing else