Is your Thrustmaster T300 or T80 wheel no longer working with The Crew? Here's how to fix it

VVV: "The other day I thought to myself "Hmm, it's been a long time since I've fired up The Crew. Let's take it for a spin." And so I plugged my Thrustmaster T300 GTE into the PS4, started up the Crew and...nothing.

t first I was worried my T300 had bitten the dust, but it turns out the PS4's V2.50 firmware update is to blame for rendering the Thrustmaster wheels incompatible with The Crew. The issue also affects the Thrustmaster T80 as well.

Fortunately, Thrustmaster has provided a temporary fix while they work with Ivory Tower and Sony on a patch update"

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xavierbigdaddy19721147d ago

I Stop playing. Game left me in the loading. I quit after that

spence524901147d ago

How do we know the wheels just didn't go on strike because of their lack of decent support in the crew? I would totally understand if they did. Driving with a wheel in the crew is more of a crutch than a legitimate experience. Ubi should take some notes from driveclub. The wheel experience in that is top notch.