Unboxing the Thrustmaster TM Leather 28 GT wheel rim add-on

VVV: "The Thrustmaster T300 is an irrefutably sublime wheel that no avid racing game fan should be without. However, one blemish that lets it down is the cheap-feeling rubber texture surrounding the wheel rim that my fingers disapprove of. This is where the TM Leather 28 GT comes in, Thrustmaster's new wheel rim add-on that's coated in real luxurious leather.

It's not out until April, but we managed to get our hands on one ahead of release. So we put it to the test to answer a few pertinent questions: how well are the buttons placed? Can you easily swap it over with a T300? And, most importantly, does that lovely leather smell live up? All this and more in Alan's unboxing video."

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xabmol1207d ago

That title sounds like it belongs on a different kind of site.


WizzroSupreme1207d ago

Man, that's sweet. The ultimate racing add-on, right there.