Darwin’s Doom: Evolve is Already Dead

CraveOnline: "At the time of writing this, it’s Saturday 7:45 p.m. It’s prime time for gamers. On Steam, around a half a million people playing Dota 2, almost 200,000 people are playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive, 22,000 people are playing PAYDAY 2, and a whopping 2,000 people are playing Evolve."

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Excalibur1026d ago

I saw the writing on the wall with Devolve, a shame as I was really looking forward to it before they started announcing their DLC plans, I suspect a ton of folks did the same as I and just canceled their Pre-orders.

solar1026d ago

maybe they miss the massaging Valve can deliver

Agent_00_Revan1026d ago

I was excited when it was first shown. But I backed out after the DLC announcements. I want going to buy half a game.

700p1026d ago

tbh, multiplayer only games that don't even have a lot of content are always gonnA DIE AND BE BORING.

Spinal1026d ago

No, the problem is the game really has nothing to offer but a single game mode and tries to sell you on that with sugar coating at a full AAA price + DLC.

Before I even knew of any DLC i knew i wouldnt buy the game as its just a Single game mode at the very core of it. 4v1? Even free to play games offer more than that.

I played this type of game mode in Alien vs Predator its called Predator hunter so its nothing new or innovative to me.

I'm just glad it failed cause now Devs will know not to try sell crap like this at a full AAA price.

admiralvic1026d ago

This, though I think the restrictive class system also played a role in making the game more frustrating than fun.

Whats the point of forcing every team to have a medic, trapper, attacker, etc if you force people to do roles they either don't know or want to play and ultimately don't accomplish them? Sure a 2 attack, no medic team will be weaker, but no weaker than a 1 attack and 1 medic team with both playing attack.

Eonjay1026d ago

No, I canceled my pre order after the beta. There just wasn't anything compelling enough to warrent $60. it should have been free to play when you factor in the DLC though.

joab7771026d ago

When you are a multiplayer only game, you need to establish yourself before you ask ppl to invest a ton of money...unless it's a cash grab...then...whatever!

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borneblood1231026d ago

Didn't buy it.

After playing the beta, this was all too obvious.

Arkardo1026d ago

Same for me, several friends bought it day one and I was "What?" I test it several times and was bored to death by that game, I told them to return it before the game cost nothing, now they're telling me how I was totally right about the game.

WeAreLegion1026d ago

Turtle Rock is so talented, but I hope they learn from this.

Aloy-Boyfriend1026d ago

That's the fate of all Multiplayer-only games.

Arkardo1026d ago (Edited 1026d ago )

I totally agree with you on this game but I have to fix it for you:

"That's the fate of all mediocre multiplayer-only games"

Games like Counter Strike, Dota, World of warcraft, Starcraft, etc etc says otherwise.

Two-Face1026d ago

Counter-Strike 1.6(Released over 15 years ago)
Current players on Steam: 28,135
Peak today: 32,371.

You are soooooooo wrong. And that's just ONE example out of many.

Aloy-Boyfriend1026d ago (Edited 1026d ago )

Dota, League of Legends, World of Walcarft, and Starcraft are MMOs and MOBAs with so much content. This game is neither an MMO or a MOBA. It's justa MP only game with little content to play for years. Counter Strike may be the exception considering how popular it's been for years.

jb2271026d ago (Edited 1026d ago )

Yup. And now that servers for titles are dying sooner & sooner, all of those people who bought Evolve will be left w/ a blank space or a coaster in a year or two's time. People talk about mp creating replayibility, but when your lobbies are empty w/in a month & your game is dead in the water not long after, forget your replay ability, you won't even have 'playability'…at least a good offline single player component can be played for eternity, all mp has an expiration date that gets closer & closer to release.

FlyingFoxy1026d ago

Yeah that's why Left 4 Dead 2 is still so popular online right?

Speak for yourself, if a game is quality made from the start then the multiplayer can be awesome fun.

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Maxor1026d ago

This game needs to go F2P.

XabiDaChosenOne1026d ago

Should have been free to play.

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