The Evil Within - The Assignment DLC Review [KKEnt]

Iselynne wrote: Whether you think The Evil Within was a good horror game or not, I think we can all agree that the story left a lot of questions unanswered. Even the ending was practically a big cliffhanger that suggested that the game might develop into a bigger franchise. With a storyline as confusing and fragmented as the one in The Evil Within, it was no surprise that Bethesda announced plans for two story related DLCs that would hopefully answer some of the questions that fans of the game were left with after finishing their playthroughs.

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Genova841356d ago

"Left a lot of questions unanswered." = understatement of the year.

SavageKuma1356d ago

care to elaborate on that?

Genova841356d ago

To do so would mean spoilers. But, put it this way, I can better explain the plot to demon's souls than the plot to this game.

SavageKuma1356d ago

Not saying much Demon Souls is easy to explain.