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At last, the PlayStation 4 has a truly compelling exclusive game in its locker.

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nucky641149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

when people say "at last, the ps4 has a truly compelling exclusive"....I'm still trying to figure out what "truly compelling" games have been on wiiu, xbox or pc the last year that have scored like bloodborne. there are very good games, but I've seen no new IP as good as bloodborne over the last 18 months - except maybe "ori" or "resogun" - both outstanding and crazy fun games.... but those really aren't comparable to a AAA release.

Aloy-Boyfriend1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

This is the firs PS4 exclusive to live up to the hype. That's not to say all previous exclusives have been horrible when they weren't. I have enjoyed every of them minus The Order(Still good, not just as good as I expected).

There's a weird trend going on PlayStation games for a while. I've noticed how critics and gamers expect certain high standards when it comes to PS exclusives. When they don't meet that standards, it's considered mediocre or bad. Maybe it has to do with how Sony has spoiled everybody delivering well-received games one after another that if they drop the ball once, the sky goes down. And I know because notice how everyone only tall about reception about previous games like Driveclub, Infamous, Resogun, and LBP 3. Someone barely addresses how fun those games are.

Kane221149d ago

and thats the problem everyone hypes these games up to death. and when it doesn't meet their standards they bashed the hell out of it. im one of the few that really enjoyed playing the order and don't regret buying it. hell, how many of these idiots go out and spend $60+ on open world games never beat them but bash games like the order for not having enough.....

Jughead34161149d ago

In my opinion, all the PS4 exclusives are pretty good. Whether or not they're getting high reviews are debatable. As far as must owns go, other than Bloodborne, my other is Little Big Planet 3.

nucky641149d ago

this is my point - up until bloodborne, I don't see ANY new IP living up to the hype.

mayberry1149d ago

I dont care what some say, Killzone SF is boss!MP is awesome, as always from GG. I will play it for years, just like kz 2/3 mp.

G20WLY1149d ago

^How does anybody disagree with that statement?!

The game's reviewing brilliantly and is loved by gamers and critics alike - everyone wins (after dying. A lot)!

amiga-man1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

They disagree because this superb game isn't on their console and it burns, disagreeing helps them feel better

Sad really

FullmetalRoyale1149d ago

I have played the Souls games and my best friend has not. By Friday I was able to talk him into getting it. Eight hours we played that game while in party chat(with various breaks for food etcetera). Granted we weren't having many lengthy conversations, but still. Eight hours, and I couldn't have been more proud. Next day seven. ☺️

MysticStrummer1149d ago

Nice. I was just talking about the game to one of my little brothers and he may get it, but I don't know how he'll react to it having never played the previous games.

It's my new favorite game of all time.

FullmetalRoyale1149d ago

I was telling my buddy that even if it maintained what it did in the first ten hours, it would probably crack my top ten. The further I get, and now that I can share it with my best friend, the higher it is climbing. It's actually ridiculous how much I enjoy Bloodborne.

I love the little moments where my buddy shouts out "these damn bird jumped down out of nowhere", and remembering that happening to me. Though I really slowed down so he could sort of catch up to me, so it would be more fresh in my mind. With the added social aspect we added to it, it's probably number three for me. Time will tell.


Snookies121149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

Been playing since yesterday... I haven't sat down with a game for this long in quite some time. Spent like 6 hours straight playing it yesterday. Unfortunately, it wasn't installed completely so after beating Father Cascoigne, it wouldn't let me through the gate haha.

LamerTamer1149d ago

I just wish I could toggle off that horrid ugly looking chromatic aberration defect. It is the effect that makes everything other then the very middle of the screen look low res and blurry with color fringing. It takes an otherwise sharp screen and blurs it out like it is running in 720p and it gives me a headache.

Veneno1149d ago

You're the only one bro. Give it a rest now.