The Lykan Hypersport will be Project CARS' first monthly free car

VVV: "Slightly Mad Studios has announced that players can look forward to a free car in Project CARS every month, as a thank you for their patience in awaiting the game's release following its delay until May. The first free car available in May will be the ludicrously luxurious Lykan Hypersport from W Motors, which is touted as one of the rarest and most expensive cars ever made."

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Naga1119d ago

It's too bad that an "Agree" is allykan give you for that.

TRU3_GAM3R1119d ago

looks better than driveclub.

Hk85karlsson1119d ago

Yeah, a trailer usually do that.
When's it coming out? Delayed again? And again?
But hey, we get cool ass trailers and even more lofty promises from a former NFS-dev.

SlapHappyJesus1119d ago

Too much salt is bad for your health.
Just saying.

methegreatone1119d ago

Well, it looks different. Is it better ?

In some ways, yes.

In other ways, no.

If you're running pCars on a PC at ultra, it's going to show. That many cars with such sharp detail and ultra high res textures. Anti Aliasing, resolution. It's all going to make a huge difference, and look much better a lot of the time.
I also personally like the overall weather (NOT talking about rain windshield stuff here...) in pCars.

However, that still doesn't change the fact that DC looks better in so many ways. Driveclubs lighting, for example, is simply a lot more advanced that pCars. The reflections in Driveclub are better, and include geometry from the same car on which you're seeing the reflection ! This is huge, because the lack of this causes so many inconsistencies in pCars visuals.

The shadowing is handled more naturally in Driveclub. pCars daytime tree shadows are waaaay too hard and detailed riht now. Trees that tall just don't cast such shadows.

A lot of the details are simply better in Driveclub. For example, the reflections on cars have a graininess/texture to them like they do in real life, due to the car paint.
The inside of the car, ie the inside of the roof of the car, lights up slightly when light hits the dashboard of the car. (It's not strong enough here imo but still). The reflections on the interior of the windshield are perfectly done and fully realtime, whereas in pCars its close but not quite the same.
Raindrops actually properly react to light sources all around in DC, while this is not so in pCars.

Yes, ofcourse, we have the weather ie the rain, currenty a lot more impressive in DC when it comes to windshield rain.
However, I don't really factor this in, because SMS have also said they'll do rain physics post release.

Immorals1119d ago

Came here expecting a picture of a werewolf souped up on caffeine playing football.

Guess the car's nice too :p

level 3601119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

Would be much nicer to see more than 1,2 or even 3 free special cars on release date and then 1 free car every month..

..after all the brouhaha that has happened with all the constant delays.