How to skip Bloodborne's first 3 bosses

GotGame writes: This trick will surely save you lots of time and frustration!

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nucky641026d ago

anyone else notice the irony? when "the order" was criticized for "lack of gameplay" or was questioned for having enough gameplay value to be worth 60 dollars. NOW, bloodborne is released. and I'm seeing articles on how to AVOID gameplay or to GLITCH/EXPOLIT as to make the game easy and KILL the gameplay......the hypocricy (or pure stupidity) in gaming is head-shakingly bad.

tylercolp1026d ago

Haha, that's a good point!

Dario_DC1026d ago

Totally agree!
Double standards all around lol

mixelon1026d ago

Umm, not really that similar.. Nor are the articles posted by the same people. The Order is so linear and gives you so little freedom, the fact that BB contains ways around things is totally different. People are sinking 10+ hrs without even scratching BB.. Some people want to speed run, some people want to experiment..

Arkardo1026d ago

10 hours like Dan Stapleton pussy galore without killing the first boss? If that's common with gamers around the world then faith in humanity is already lost.

Someone who plays games since years ago don't have the minimum skill to press some buttons and learn some patterns? SMH...

mixelon1026d ago

Arkardo: Lolwhat? I didn't say anything negative about it. A lot of people play cautiously and enjoy the blood collecting loop and want to level a bit. People approach a game like BB and play in many different ways. Something that isn't true of something like The Order that demands you do things its way.

Becuzisaid1026d ago


I think he just wanted to make fun of the IGN writer that posted an article about "how bloodborne lost him". Basically he sucks at this type of game and doesn't understand people that do like it. There was a lot of negativity about him and the article because it was posted before the official IGN review. Gave the game a negative opinion before the website even have its actual verdict.

nucky641026d ago

wow, mixelon - you just illustrated my above comment.

mixelon1025d ago

nucky64 - It's not hypocrisy and it's not double standards, it's just standards. BB offers a lot more than The Order, so it afforded more leeway. It's not rocket science.

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maniacmayhem1026d ago (Edited 1026d ago )

There is absolutely no irony or hypocrisy in any of which you stated. Especially when it's referring to one article from one person on how to do a glitch in a game that is filled with gameplay, great design and depth.

1026d ago
Vegamyster1026d ago (Edited 1026d ago )

There is no irony because this is a glitch and it will be used primary by speed runners rather then people who complained about The Order 1866 length, most games have these type of glitches including the previous Souls games so it's nothing new, heck even at the end of the article is a video speed run of BloodBourne. this is the first article I've seen regarding a glitch that lets you avoid content on this site.

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slappy5081026d ago

No thank you. Id rather do it the hard way so I can get that sense of accomplishment. Plus I wouldn't want to miss those trophies

xer01026d ago

Yep :)

Slaying bosses and leveling up, is all part of the fun!

Jughead34161026d ago

Why skip the bosses? That's the biggest thrill of the whole game. What a dumb topic. The 2nd boss actually glitched on me. While I was running from him, he got stuck on a tombstone while chasing me and mysteriously died. I felt cheated. I'd rather beat him on my own, than have a glitch do it for me. I almost started over.

remixx1161026d ago

Such a cool fight too, dang that sucks bro.

MysticStrummer1026d ago

The first time I fought him I had two summoned hunters with me, and we took him out before he got a chance to go into beast mode. I've helped many others get past him so I've seen it all play out now, but I know what you mean about feeling cheated even though my game didn't glitch.

Anyway… Bloodborne is my new favorite game of all time. I never buy strategy guides but once I'm done with my first run through I plan to buy one for this game. I want to see everything this masterpiece has to offer, so skipping content is bizarre to me. I guess speed runs make it understandable, but I've never been interested in doing that myself.

Vegamyster1026d ago

Speed runners primarily, they're always looking for ways to beat the game faster which includes glitches.

Arkardo1026d ago

I really really really really don't know.

Two-Face1026d ago

Does interested in speedrunning maybe?

x_RadicalAura_x1026d ago

More like: "This trick will surely waste the money that you invested into Bloodborne!"

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