Dark Souls II: Scholar Of The First Sin Update Incoming - Is A Paid DLC

Dark Souls II‘s with shinier, sparklier DirectX 11-ier graphics, new enemy and item placement, a few new items, new NPC’s, new lore sounds great on paper. Until you find out it’s not free and that the ‘Scholar of the First Sin’ edition won’t come as an update but will be available as a separate version of the game, which, even with discounts is not free.

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nucky641025d ago

I would have rather seen FROMs other team work on dark souls3 than have this remaster.
i'll wait for the next darksouls - or demonsouls2, or bloodborne2....I don't need DKS2 remaster.

Vegamyster1025d ago

Same, that said i dunno why they didn't do the first game instead, it had plenty of things they could have improved from the inconstant performance, online & the UI ect.

Roccetarius1025d ago

It was really only a matter of time, but they've found out how profitable this can actually be.

crazychris41241025d ago

Seems like a good deal for me since I never played the series before. Definitely would avoid this if I had bought n played the base game and all of the dlc.

Masterchief_thegoat1025d ago

Im going cop it, just because, I fell in love with bloodborne

Maxor1025d ago

Demon Souls was a success on the PS3 as an exclusive.

Riding on that success out comes the Dark Souls as the "spiritual successor" multiplats, both which performed well.

As the result we now have the absurd milking of this genre in the form of Dark Souls 2 Remastered on the consoles and the massive rip off dual pricing for the DX 9 and DX 11 version of the same damn game on the PC.

Now if Bloodborne does well, and by all accounts it is, Namco will certainly push for a multiplat "spiritual successor" to Bloodborne.

DarkBlood multiplat coming in 2016-2017 with a "Complete" edition six months after. That's a lock and with that FROM and Namco will drive this genre into the ground like what Capcom did to the Resident Evil franchise.

Becuzisaid1025d ago

I'd honestly be surprised to see an actual bloodborne sequel. I think there will be a dark souls 3 next and it'll be a little faster like bloodborne, but maintain the shield defense set up.

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