Mass Effect 4 Dev Looking To Get The Most Out of Current Hardware, Bioware's New IP Looking Stunning

A lot of stuff is happening at Bioware it seems.

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jmd7491210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Day 1 buy for me. PC version, glad to hear it's looking great already. :)

Dhampir1210d ago

Everything that's been said is from the developers themselves, you realize this right? They haven't released even a screenshot.

Day 1 buy... really?

JeffGUNZ1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Yes, day 1 with zero hesitation. I think they earned their trust with how beautiful Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3 were. Truly the most amazing franchise I played last gen. (my opinion of course)

medman1209d ago

It's a day one buy for me also, as the Mass Effect trilogy is my favorite experience in gaming of the last generation. There are other games that I love from that gen, such as The Last of Us (my number one single game of the era), Uncharted 2, the first Gears of War (as some examples)....but taken together as 3 games Mass Effect is my favorite so take my money.

Mikefizzled1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

I'm shocked that they thought there was potential for Vita version.

BattleAxe1210d ago

Seem as though this site says that every game looks stunning or jaw dropping...

Daves1210d ago

If you read the article you'll find the site is actually quoting the devs.

Tsar4ever011210d ago

Well, IF Dragon Age: Inquisition has anything to go By being the next-gen MASS Effect will be running off DICE's FROSTBITE 4 engine, which means according to history, it dictates that ME4 will run in 1080p/30 on PS4 and 900p/30 on XB1. Hopefully Bio Ware would get better tabs off BOTH consoles so they both will be 1080p/30 and everyone will be happy.

But Up to this point, my predictions is MASS EFFECT 4, 1080p/30 on PS4 and 900p/30 on XB1. Ps4 will own the resolution and XB1 will have the more stabilized fps cuz of higher clocked cpu and lower 900p resolution.

No_Pantaloons1210d ago

Yea all they talk about is how it looks, yet no one was complaining about the graphics of ME3, they are either clueless or purposely choosing to ignore all the past criticism.

poppinslops1210d ago

Have you not played Dragon Age?
They've learned (hence the multiple GotY awards).

My concern is this 'current hardware' comment... there better not be PS3/360 versions in the works.

No_Pantaloons1210d ago

I have played dragon age, and the last 2 haven't been that good. Gaming critic are bias for AAA's at best and corrupt (paid off) at worst, GOTY means nothing anymore.

For a company that used to be praised for story and innovation, they do little to no talking about that or how theyre winning back ppl after ME3. That wasn't just a minor mistep, there was a MASSIVE backlash, and a little reassurance wouldn't hurt, but they keep talking about graphics instead.

kraenk121209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

DAI was the worst Dragon Age game of them all. It was huge and beautiful but concerning the RPG and story elements it was pretty lackluster. Hope they don't repeat that with ME4!

DAI only got those GOTY awards because there was no competition in 2014.

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