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Gamer Time: "I’d love to conclude by stating that Bloodborne is a perfect game, however the noticeable frame rate drop, which is most prominent during multiplayer at times can hamper the experience, and make game temporarily unplayable as fluid gameplay turns into a slide show. However if I would let few frames that have only took seconds out of the extraordinary experience that Bloodborne is cloud my judgment, I would personally admit myself to a psychiatric hospital."

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Aither1153d ago

Another 10/10 for the first blockbuster video game to hit the current gen. Cannot wait to see what else is in store on the PS4.

Dudebro901153d ago

First blockbuster of this Gen.... Please.

MasterCornholio1153d ago

Well if he's talking about achieving a metacritic of over 9 then Bloodborne would be the second game to do that this gen. The first one was The Last of Us remastered with a metacritic of 9.5.

Insomnia_841153d ago

Bloodborne IS the first and best rated AAA next gen exclusive.

yezz1153d ago

Tons of disagrees but you're right. Blockbuster: " Something, such as a film or book, that sustains widespread popularity and achieves enormous sales."

So basically games that sell really well and are popular. Bloodborne is not the only one... Games can be blockbusters without super high review scores.

maybelovehate1153d ago

Where are you at in Bloodborne? I just beat Amelia and on my way to the Witches!

Der_Kommandant1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

I'm in the Forbidden Woods, i know why they call it forbidden T___T

goldwyncq1153d ago

^ As someone who has a huge fear of snakes, I know what you're feeling.

HammadTheBeast1153d ago

Just beat Father Gasciolone or whatever his name is,I had to call for help for him because it was impossible to beat his wolf form with a Threaded Cane.

bmwfanatic1153d ago

Good luck to any other game outscoring bloodborne.

MasterCornholio1153d ago

Uncharted 4 is the only one that I can imagine doing that. 93 is extremely high on metacritic and that's going to be difficult to beat.

On second thought Zelda is also another candidate for beating Bloodborne on metacritic.

pivotplease1153d ago

I would say that Media Molecule and Santa Monica have a chance as well. Also Xenoblade and Gears on the other systems. I don't see Halo pulling it off. The series has really dwindled critically post-Halo 3.

Deadlead1153d ago

Or possibly the next Fallout or Elder Scrolls game

joab7771153d ago

C'mon. This is absurd. This is fan boy crap! A 100, really? Loading times? Framerate dips? Not on the xbone or pc? Does he even realize how difficult it is, how it's not for everyone, it's unforgiving, repetitive, and doesn't let me just cut right through everything with a couple simple combos?

Ansurd! This game is no more than a 98/100. And that's a fact!

For real, this game is this gens marquis to date. It's unreal how I am a Soul's fan and while I had serious reservations with no magic, buying gear, no upgrading of armor, all erased now that I'm playing. It's a From game and it's a masterpiece.

Hint: Don't make a skill/vit build and decide off handily to sink 10 levels into arcane for the Old man's! At least the Blade of Mercy us relevant now.

MasterCornholio1153d ago

"Not on the xbone or pc?"

And that's why you would lower the score of the game?


The game being exclusive or not shouldn't influence the final verdict.

ashen1221153d ago

Damn man looks like people didn't catch your sarcasm.

Ot it is a master piece, I haven't sat down and played a game for 5 hours straight in awhile bloodborne makes me feel young again.... although I did start getting back pain due to stress ( boss fights )

SpinalRemains1381153d ago

Loading times?

Stop. They're not even mildly bad.

This is so overblown that its comical.

Skankinruby1153d ago

Lol @ all the idiots that disagreed and replied nonsense to you not seeing your clear sarcasm

Der_Kommandant1153d ago

I find it funny when people just don't understand sarcasm.

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PowerPlayaaa1153d ago

Duh duh duh duh duuuuuuuh, im lovin it :-D

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