Bloodborne is one of the best games of the year so why is everyone moaning?

"The tough PS4 exclusive has been getting rave reviews - including our own five-out-of-five - but everyone is agreed it's one of the hardest games ever to master.

We warned novice gamers could learn to hate Bloodborne because of the lack of save points throughout the gothic slash-fest, lengthy loading times and constant deaths to enemy beasts.

And some gamers and critics alike have now come out and said they've given up already trying to clock the hit title in less than a week of release."

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error131208d ago

People always need something to moan about, make-a the world go round.

Genuine-User1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

I agree lol.
Internet is full pretentious and entitled people. Most of them wouldn't last a single day in the real world with the same attitude they carry on the Internet.

nicksetzer11208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

I don't get the point of this article? So because some people don't like this kind of game they are suddenly "moaning?" And since when did high reviews suddenly mean you have to love a game?

I didn't like any of the dark souls games much, but I tried bloodborne regardless. I personally thought it was exactly indicative of what dan stapleton said. I don't think it is a bad game, i just didn't think it was fun personally.

This article is basically accusing people who have any opinion at all, other than praise of being a whiny moaning baby, when in reality the author is the one whining. Noone said the game is bad, other than trolls, (which exist for every game ever) but to claim someone (like dan stapleton in this case) who gave the game a chance and didn't like it is pretentious and "moaning" is moronic. Not everyone has to like a game just because you do....

For those who are bound to ask, I personally didn't like it because the fighting mechanics are too simple, with any amount of patience all that is required is attacking rarely and dodging frequently. The loading times were kinda crappy too. Most deaths for me simply came down to either being impatient, randomly dying from invisible things, or just a matter of the fact that you will miss a dodge here and there. Plus the amount of time you have to play to get anything done and reach a checkpoint is a bit much.

Don't get me wrong i have no negative opinion of the game, and would not dare rate it, as it simply isn't a type of game I enjoy, but I certainly am not going to claim I love it just to make people, like this author, feel fuzzy inside. The graphics are amazing, and there is clearly a lot of thought put in, just not my cup of tea I suppose.

For example, one of the best games in my book is rayman legends, yet i know plenty of people who just don't like it. Not because they are "moaning" but because you play games to have fun, if you aren't having fun with a game then why play it?

RocketScienceLvlStuf1208d ago


When would you actually enjoy anything on PS4? We all know where your agenda lies.

freshslicepizza1208d ago

people moan about all souls games because they are not your typical run of the mill games. they take patience and dying has consequences. we can still moan about them and enjoy the game at the same time. to me i feel a sense of accomplishment more so than games that you can just keep retrying with no impact to how many times you die.

pivotplease1208d ago

I agree, but the same people plague the real world too. Just try working at a hotel or resort for a busy summer. You'll meet the worst kind of people in the world. Many even worse than the dreaded keyboard warrior.

thekhurg1207d ago

Maybe people are moaning because they actually don't like it? The PR leading up to this game was incredibly misleading, especially to those unfamiliar with the Soul's franchise.

One of the last videos was the worst culprit, the one where they showed someone fighting the Cleric Beast boss, and each time they died, they spawned right at the fog. That is vastly different than the final version where you are thrown back to check points and to many gamers that clearly isn't enjoyable.

Bloodborne is a niche game developed for a very small group of gamers, it doesn't have huge appeal or casual gamer interest. It's going to piss off far more people than it won't. It's going to be completed by an even smaller percentage of gamers as well.

These high review scores are just confusing. Usually, games that score this high have mass appeal - this game is far from that.

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VforVideogames1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

I don't know but Bloodborne is like the movie AVATAR, feels like you played/done this game before, and the movie is like you watch that before just different world /characters. IMO good game but just not game of the year material.

SpinalRemains1381208d ago

How far in are you?

I ask because if you have killed at least 6 bosses, joined a covenant and played PvP, you wouldn't be saying that.


Solid_Penguin-641208d ago

Well you can't really say if it's GOTY or not, just GOTYSF (So Far) ;)

nucky641208d ago

who is moaning (besides people who don't own a ps4)? it seems like the game is getting huge praise from critics and gamers alike - and this doesn't happen often.

nitus101207d ago

I don't have a PS4 yet, however when I do get a PS4 within the next three months Bloodborne and Dark Souls 2 are two games I definitely am getting.

Personally I have always liked games by From Software such as the Kings Field series and the Souls series. I actually played Demon's Souls yesterday for a bit of nostalgia and started to get hooked on it again and after 6 hours (four demons) I finally got killed but only after I made a stupid mistake.

Yes the Souls series and Bloodborne are not for the novice player since they are Action/Adventure hack & slash RPG's and if you don't like that genres or you want a game that will hold your hand then these games are not for you.

GribbleGrunger1208d ago

These articles just make stuff up. Apart from couple of 'niggles' all I'm seeing is praise and hype.

KirbysDump1208d ago

let me tell you why people are moaning. the news for bloodborne has dominated this site for months to the point where nothing else got a look in. decent games releases from nintendo, ms and pc didnt even feature.

then it gets released and for many its a great game but for many others its an absolute wonder why its being heralded as the years best release and the first true next gen game.

i think people are moaning cos they are sick of it. i know i am. glad it will be old news soon

OB1Biker1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

I didnt really notice people moaning apart from the now famous Dan S :P

frostypants1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

Seriously. I feel like every time a Souls game came out we went through this nonsense...newbies coming in, getting slaughtered, and blaming the design of the game for not having a baby mode. Save points? Puh-lease.

nitus101207d ago

Well you can save the game pretty much anywhere in the game however if you die you either have to re-spawn back in the Nexus, Bonfire or Hunter's Dream.

Oh the horror of not being able to "hard" save just before a boss and the annoyance of having to spend another 10 to 30 minutes fighting your way back to where you last died. I don't know if many of these wingers remember the NES or SNES days when you loose all your lives in some games then it's back to start for you.

The_Kills1207d ago

Legit moan from me would be that I wish it was on PC because it seems like worthy of a buy with little regret judging by he relatively unanimous reviews with praise.

Sorry but after being a console gamer since SNES to the PS3, I realized a few things and more so with the drought this generation + failed AAA titles, along with having more money from a better job and going nearly all out on the PC of my dreams, I just can't see the sense in buying a PS4 or any other console for just one game.

So yeah, just wish I had a PC version to give it a go, ah well maybe someday, if not, I suppose I'll live.

Primal1207d ago

I wish my wife would moan, guess I'm doing something wrong :/

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omarcomingyo1208d ago ShowReplies(6)
RocketScienceLvlStuf1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

I'm not moaning. The game is fantastic.

And is this site seriously bringing up metacritic user reviews?

nucky641208d ago

metacritic user reviews are as reliable as amazon user reviews.

pivotplease1208d ago

They are mostly reliable on .ca...except for when someone reviews the product as if they are reviewing the shipment/delivery process.

NecotheSergal1208d ago

The moaning-comments in the article seems to be mostly derived from whiny casuals who can't handle that the game targets 'the hardcore' and doesn't allow an option to hold their hands so they can just 'enjoy the game in toddler mode' so as they can feel empowered and be spoiled all in one.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

Yep. Whining about loading screens and grinding because they have no patience. Everything has to be now, now, now, like a cup-o-noodle soup. People need to understand that this game is not going to give you instant satisfaction like Madden, COD, or Assassin's Creed. This game is a satisfying mind-f**k. It will upset you and reward you every hour you play it. If you're not tough enough to stand up after being kicked in the nads this is not the game for you.

quiddd1208d ago

I'm hoping they keep the difficulty as it is and not compromise.

Nitrowolf21208d ago

I don't think from soft will do that, they are notorious for complicated games with strong learning curve. I mean look at armord core, it's still not easy for a noob to just jp in

Snookies121208d ago

I agree, the difficulty is just right. Sure I die at times, but I learn from those deaths and think of better ways to go about things. That's what keeps driving me forward. Wanting to beat that next challenge, and see what lies ahead.

uth111208d ago

Moaning is the official language of gaming sites