The Greatest Moments of ‘Final Fantasy,’ Part 2

It is difficult to pick only a few amazing moments from such a long-running and popular series, but here is part 2 of Final Fantasy's greatest moments.

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ameliabaz1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

The Squall in limbo scene is the reason FF8's ending is my favorite Final Fantasy ending. I can't even describe what I love so much about it. It's all so perfect. The creepy atmosphere, the unsettling music, the gorgeous FMV animation, the claustrophobic feeling you get when Squall first turns around and realizes the world is disappearing behind him, the way the music ramps up as he tries desperately to remember Rinoa's face, the eerie scene where a faceless Rinoa is spinning around in the ballroom while a warped version of the Balamb Garden song's all so good!

And then Eyes on Me starts playing and Rinoa appears from the darkness.....

FF8 might get a lot of flak, but it has a beautiful ending.

kalkano1208d ago

The part where the clouds part, both in the original ending and in various AMVs, always gives me goosebumps.